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View of Houses in Delft 1658 – The Little Street olarak da bilinir Ressam Johannes Vermeer

View of Houses in Delft 1658  – The Little Street olarak da bilinir Ressam  Johannes Vermeer

Yaşamı boyunca sadece 66 resim yaptığı söylenen Vermeer  ( bunların sadece 34 tanesinin Vermeer’e ait olduğu kanıtlanmış ve günümüze ulaşmıştır ) 43 yaşında kalp krizi sonucu hayatını kaybetmiştir. 272 more words


Technique allows 'peek' beneath surface of works of Old Masters

Non-invasive surgery is often embraced by patients – especially the squeamish – as potential benefits include minimal discomfort and trauma, reduced recovery time and no scars or post-operative complications. 572 more words


Origins of Pleasure or pleasure of the origins? Conditioned on our beliefs? Many origins means interactions among them?

Origins of Pleasure

I’m going to talk today about the pleasures of everyday life.

But I want to begin with a story of an unusual and terrible man. 3,003 more words


Louise Fenne, a study of Vermeer's influence

Left: Louise Fenne, Woman at Work, 2006; Right, Johannes Vermeer, A Lady Writing, 1665-1666. Clear influences throughout her work in the muted lighting, composition/arrangement, palette, and focus on textures.


Louise Fenne-- Vermeer or Whistler influence.

Left: Louise Fenne, Painter at Work, 2004; Right, James McNeill Whistler (1834–1903),Symphony in Flesh Colour and Pink: Portrait of Mrs Frances Leyland, 1871–74,