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Van Gogh Museum

The Oasis of Matisse is the largest-ever retrospective of work by Henri Matisse (1869-1954) to be shown in the Netherlands. The exhibition traces the multi-faceted and inspiring development of Matisse’s artistic practice from his early experiments to the dazzling cutouts of his final years. 232 more words



“There is no such thing, wrote Oscar Wilde, as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. Presumably, then, Mein Kampf would have been all right had it been better written.” 134 more words

Theodore Dalrymple

Kitchen Sililoquy

A bit of bread

A splash of milk

Secret spices

Mother’s ancient recipe

To fill the children’s

Empty stomachs

Vermeer and the the Woman Holding the Balance

Inside the National Gallery sits a painting that I first encountered on the walls of my room in the Jesuit novitiate. I was never quite clear on what it was of until I asked my novice master about it. 505 more words


Marcel Proust - Remembrance of Things Past,1913-27 The Captive 1923

The circumstances of his death were as follows. A fairly mild attack of uraemia had led to his being ordered to rest. But, an art critic having written somewhere that in Vermeer’s `View of Delft’ (lent by the Gallery at The Hague for an exhibition of Dutch painting), a picture which he adored and imagined that he knew by heart, a little patch of yellow wall (which he could not remember) was so well painted that it was, if one looked at it by itself, like some priceless specimen of Chinese art, of a beauty that was sufficient in itself, Bergotte ate a few potatoes, left the house, and went to the exhibition. 653 more words

20th Century

The fate of this blog

Rippl-Rónai, Girl with Cage 1892 Oil on canvas Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest.
Image: WGA

This is Beetley Pete‘s fault. Before that, it was Sarah of FND… 237 more words