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Errol Morris Gates Of Heaven/Vernon, Florida/The Thin Blue Line (Criterion)

Errol Morris is one of America’s premiere documentarians—but he became so almost by happenstance. A student at Berkley, he worked in the film department, making friends with leading underground, independent filmmakers of the day. 895 more words

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Vernon, Florida, 1981, Errol Morris

I live in the southeast, so I’m used to southern culture. We have our share of “rednecks,” but aside from the accents and political leanings, much of the local flavor isn’t too different from any other medium-sized city. 1,215 more words


Blu-ray Tuesdays: 3/24/15 Recommendations

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5-Word 365 #203 - Vernon, Florida

After watching Tabloid last Saturday, I thought I would dip my toes a bit further into the waters of Errol Morris’ filmography, starting with this curio from 1981. 414 more words


Dear Errol Morris, Your Work Is Boring & I Don’t Understand It

A note before commencing reading: Usually, my blog posts are only focussed on films that I think are awesome. This week, I’m changing tack quite dramatically by writing about films that I really dislike. 777 more words

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Magnificent Obsessions Series No. 9: Marwencol + Vernon, Florida

Although Vernon, Florida and Marwencol share obsessive subjects, their creator’s pursuit of the topic parallels their fixation. Throughout this series, obsessives mark themselves by following what could be a chance encounter as far down the rabbit hole as they can. 685 more words

Capturing The Friedmans / Vernon, Florida

Caught up on some documentaries films this week, been working my way through some of the recommendations by Jay Cheel at The Documentary Blog

First up is an early Errol Morris film (Gates of Heaven, Thin Blue Line), … 322 more words