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Article on Rainbows End

Here is a sample critique on one of our readings. You will probably need to rotate it to read it online, in which case go to Acrobat and find Rotate View in the menu. 11 more words

Penguin Worlds

Readers of this blog (if there are any left after months of inactivity: sorry, and hello again) will know that I’m a sucker for a series design. 1,371 more words


Ideas of Singularity, in the sense of advanced artificial intelligence, is near.

“Within 30 years, we will have the means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” – Vernor Vinge

Adâncurile cerului – Vernor Vinge

Cartea asta – ca și ”Foc în adânc” – este ceea ce consider eu ca fiind space opera scrisă ca la mama (sau la tata :-) ) acasă. 544 more words

Absolut Formidabile

Children of the Sky

Vernor Vinge has quickly become one of my favorite authors since I began reading his books less than a year ago.  In my own forays into writing, without knowing it I’d stumbled into several of his ideas with regards to post humanism.  585 more words


Setting A Fire Upon The Deep

If you’re after a review of the Vernor Vinge modern classic A Fire Upon The Deep, you are in the wrong place. Yet I’m about to talk about that book a lot. 299 more words


The Singularity: Predicting the Oncoming Era of Artificial Intelligence

We may not be beaming people down from starships yet, but we’re certainly lightyears away from rubbing two sticks together to create fire. As a species, humans have seen explosions of technological growth over the centuries, beginning with things as simple as developing writing implements all the way up to using biotechnology to create genetically modified organisms. 479 more words

All Of It