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Reading Through the [Alleged] Best 100 Science Fiction Books- #41-45

I’m a huge science fiction fan, but realized I haven’t read a lot of those works considered classics or greats. I decided to remedy that, and found a… 698 more words


What's in a name, Google?

I live alone, and lead quite a solitary existence, truth be told.

But, and I suspect it’s a sign of madness, like JF Sebastian in… 702 more words

William Shakespeare

Book Review: A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge.

So! October’s over, and now I can read something besides cheesy horror paperbacks.

Stuff like science fiction paperbacks! But good ones! At least, in this particular case. 900 more words

Cách mạng Trí tuệ Nhân tạo: Con đường tiến đến Trí thông minh Siêu việt

Chúng ta đang trên bờ vực của một sự thay đổi sánh ngang với sự xuất hiện của loài người trên Trái Đất. — Vernor Vinge… 15,792 more words

Rec: "Legale" by Vernor Vinge

Legale” by Vernor Vinge, Nature 2017-08-09, SF short story

Here’s another short-short from Nature. This is a sequel to “BFF’s First Adventure… 209 more words


"The Myth of Man-Made Catastrophe"

The review series on Brian Stableford’s Opening Minds continues.

Review: “The Myth of Man-Made Catastrophe”, Brian Stableford, 1980.

In this long essay, Stableford presents a taxonomy of man-made catastrophes presented by science fiction. 871 more words

Book Review

[Free eBook] A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge [Award-Winning Science Fiction]

A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge is the 1st novel in his Zones of Thought sequence of science fiction space opera novels, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Tor Books. 291 more words

Free Ebook