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Sneak Peek Presents: Sky


Sky– Smitten Gown Spring w/HUD (Sneak Peek)

(Red)Mint No. 25’14

Vero Modero Envelope Clutch in Foil

{Meghindo’s} Mikayla Skin


Vero Modero

Sneak Peek with Loovus and Vero Modero

Loovus and Vero Modero have joined this round of Sneak Peek.

Along with a bunch of dress exclusives Loovus also has a whole slew of heels for… 66 more words


Sense Of Duty

Battle is the most magnificent competition

in which a human being can indulge.


It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. 81 more words


I believe that if life gives you lemons,


you should make lemonade…

And try to find somebody

whose life has given them vodka,

and have a party. 88 more words

Vero Modero


Vero Modero Stripe Skirt Set in Red

Faster Pussycat Roses are Red Pumps

Blues Hair– Crystal in Dark Browns

Lumae Adore in Pecan (Part of the Lazy Sunday Sale)


Vero Modero

SHEY - Sinead

Longing for the summer too? Time to visit SHEY, a store full of new releases. One of them is this complete outfit called Sinead. A very special top with chains, lovely pants and some really nice high heels. 28 more words

Havana Chico ! MWFW News 5

Here are more samples from the  menswear being presented at MWFW.  69 and Park´s GQ Summer Casuals Habana (above) has  loose white linen shorts topped with a boat neck jersey in a lush tropical print. 144 more words

Landa Crystal