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Coffee & Bagels Chapter 2

Freya continued eating, wishing on all her stars that if she ignored him, he would simply disappear…poof! into thin air…maybe just go away! That wasn’t going to happen, deep down she knew him all too well. 776 more words



You gave me
the keys to existence.
I accepted,
doubtful of
my confidence,
pretending it was me,
the fated.

Time has
proven you right… 46 more words


A poem for the day! Simplest Beauty

Looking out
through my eyes
I see the splendor
all around,
making me wonder
where art thou
these hands of the creator?

Simplicity it be… 63 more words


#15 POETRY =

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Poetry =

Rhyming 10 more words


Anatomy of 'The Creep' Chapter 2

Curious we are
to know the unknown

to see the unseen
to experience every moment on its own,

chilling, exciting, feeling rush, the adrenaline!

Hear you now… 131 more words


The Creep!

At night
comes the fright

when in between
daylight and moonlight.

Twisted and curved
it’s spine is intertwined

faceless, skinless, ashen teeth deflected
cries beyond the dead, carries it mimed! 84 more words


A feast of crows

On this eve of August 14th, when India was divided into Hindustan and Pakistan and two fundamentalist factions were fighting off each other, committing the atrocities in the name of religion and forgetting the most basic of the truths which religion was supposed to instill, humanity, I thought that posting this poem would be apropos. 627 more words