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Siento escribirte
aunque hoy no sé por qué
Hoy no es mío
Hoy no es para mí

Un abrazo de papel
Un fluir de la tinta que encariña

No es sexual
Hoy no es nada
Solo que el instinto
me invita a llevarte luz

Quizás es lo que me toca... 9 more words

The test of time

Standing the test of time

we all stand strong

wading through obstacles

diving, surfing, sailing whatever it takes

to feel a true sense of belong. 29 more words


An ode to Ms. Aretha Franklin!

They called you the Queen of Soul,
a mighty strong woman who moved souls,
with your voice, full and whole.
Deep from within, heaven on a string… 134 more words


The greatest gift apart from love from my mom to me.. 💕

🔶🔹🌹A Verse for ChriseldaGirl🌹🔸🔷

My Beautiful Daughter………
My thoughts and what You mean to me……..

C oncientuous Constructive Caring
all the different

H ues and possibilities life can bring… 115 more words


Console of my car

A picture, a mood and a deck of cards
none of them new, they don’t remind me of you
I will give them away, get on my knees and pray… 71 more words



“Come out” he said,
“come out without fear”.

Those beautiful eyes
leading straight to my heart.

Should I dare do as he says?
Shedding all my barriers. 23 more words