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Git- Branching II

In the previous article, we saw what branches are and how they justify all the hype around them.Having seen them theoretically, Here let us look at a more practical view of branching in git. 1,459 more words


GIT hacks

  • Use the command below after modifying .gitignore and to remove tracking files already committed before¬†git rm -r --cached .
  • List all the files currently being tracked under the branch master…
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Git Basics : Pt1: Fundamentals

Git has emerged as one of the popular version control system in current time. If you are reading this, you probably already know what version control systems are, and I would also go bit ahead and assume that you might have already worked with one or few of them, including GIT as well ( 681 more words


25.DevOps:How to install Apache-Maven for Windows 10 ?

With reference to my previous blog for Maven installation on Ubuntu:

In this blog, I have shown the steps for Maven installation on
Windows 10. 371 more words

DevOps Automation

24.DevOps: How to install Apache-Ant for Windows 10 ?

With reference to my previous blogs on DevOps CI Tools
installation/integration, in this blog you can learn on how to install ANT for Windows10.

Downloand windows 10 version of… 267 more words

DevOps Automation

Docker for data analysis: a hands-on tutorial (jupyter and rstudio-server)

Dependency, dependency, and dependency! Dependency is an evil being that used to haunt software development, now it has come to data analysis. Out of the 14 million possibilities, there is one way to defeat it. 853 more words


Docker basics commands

Basic commands

Check installation

Before you begin, the first thing you should do it to check if the installation is successful.

sudo docker run hello-world

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