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Which version was that? How to check which version you're using

There’s been a lot of confusion lately over version numbers, notably for High Sierra and its installers. This article explains how they should work, and how to check version numbers. 869 more words


5 Tips for Reproducible Code for Research

Reproducible code is about transparency of research. Transparency not only enables others to understand and replicate your research, but it helps you to understand your own work. 893 more words


Github 2nd post

Similar to 1st post Github and still learning.
write a post about git and github, answering the following questions:

What is git/github?
Git and Github are version control systems. 425 more words

Changing the title of github pages

If you are a frequent user of github, you might have come across github pages, a service  to publish websites. Github pages are often helpful to explain/showcase your small projects with a neat webpage for each repository. 189 more words


Git / Github

What is git? github?
Git and Github are version control systems. Git is used locally on your computer while Github is used externally (online). They can store different versions of your files and folders. 494 more words

Code Branch & Merge strategies

Learn Git in a Month of Lunches

Hello Everyone,

IT industry is going through a disruptive evolution where being AGILE and adopting DevOps is the key catalytic agent for accelerating the floor for success. 1,325 more words


Version Control by Dexter Palmer

This one was recommended to me during my most recent reading funk by a good friend of mine (thanks, Manuel!).  Understandably curious, I wanted to make sure I was squarely out of that funk so I could give this its proper due.  883 more words