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Version Control (VC)

Wikipedia describe a version control tool as something that

… tracks and provides control over changes to source code.

It does more than that (like allow collaboration), but that’s a very good description.  

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What Makes Me, 'Me'?

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November is the busiest month of the year. With exams, holiday deadlines and year-end reports it’s easy to get lost in all the activity. 291 more words


Matplotlib: How to mark regions of interest on plots

Sometimes when we plot data we want to indicate a relevant feature or have a user select a section of the data. For example, if we record electromyography (EMG) and force signals, we might want to have the user mark the baseline EMG level so that it can be removed, and determine the amount of EMG produced during a maximum voluntary contraction (MVC). 1,097 more words


Why using version control?

Almost 100% of teams working on the same project are using version control, so you are likely to know something about it. Today I will introduce to its features. 383 more words

Version control (Dexter Palmer) - A review

I found “Version control” disturbing reading, let me make that clear from the start.

This is a novel about a future that we can all recognise easily at this stage in our lives. 148 more words


Why such kind of name?

A few years back I got introduced to Git. The credit here goes to Rahul Bansal, back when I was still in college, and he had mentioned it somewhere. 473 more words

A New Beginning

Version control

Version control is a service that syncs up your projects online so that you can restore and branch your projects and collaborate with other developers. 1,354 more words