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Version control for large game projects

Game projects have large binary files and can overwhelm standard Git version control repositories without careful planning.

Using Git till your repository nears 1 gigabyte… 194 more words


Good commit message

Entry 36

Last time we talked about version control, so let’s elaborate a bit on that. One of the aspects of using version control is the possibility of commenting on changes you do in the code. 816 more words


All about version control!

This next assignment’s requirements force us to use Perforce, Awesome!

I had an incredibly difficult time, probably because I had extremely busy time at work, my dog was bitten by a dog late last night, and in general, I am on little sleep. 140 more words

SE 475 Global Software Engineering

Getting started with github: Keeping it simple!

What is github?

Github is a source code management system where different versions of your code is hosted on this platform that lets you work on projects with your team located anywhere around the world. 794 more words


Environment setup​ and Fibonacci​

Hello, this blog is my very first blog ever and my first post for SE 475!

We will be working with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition for working on projects and use Perforce for version control; code for the projects will be in C#. 248 more words

SE 475 Global Software Engineering

Git lesson 9: Deleting branches

In the previous lesson we merged the changes we made on our bug_fix_#001 branch into our master branch. Because the bug is now fixed, we have no need to keep the associated branch active. 516 more words


Ooops... How to 'Undo' with Git

Last week, I started a new project.  After a good three hours of work, I was done for the day and pleased with my progress. I made a git repository and prepared to commit my progress. 984 more words