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Git lesson 2: add and commit a file to a repo

In the previous lesson, you created a new folder called project_repo that contained a file called doc1.txt. You then initialized the folder as a repository by running the command… 746 more words



Well I finally managed to make it half way through the Git Pro book. I think I’ll keep skimming through it, but the last half is for extremely advanced features that I won’t be using just yet. 112 more words

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Pro Git

So next up since the changes I’ve decided to rebuild the color select program, maybe add in some new features. The engine is the same however the display is being rebuild with the new way I am building JavaScript Projects, one per folder. 227 more words

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Git'er Done

Learning about programming doesn’t mean just programming, there are other areas that I need to learn. The first I already had a hand in and that’s displaying the information that’s presentable for web programming that’s using HTML and CSS. 118 more words

Computer Programming

February Reading List

Currently I’m reading Data + Design by Trina Chiasson and Dyanna Gregory. For me it’s a relaxing way to dust off the data skills gained by studying applied psychology and I plan to build upon the guidance to produce some meaningful and appealing visualisations. 117 more words

ACL and Git - So happy together

In my previous post I discussed the merits of implementing version control software for ACLScript development, and then proceeded to detail how to install Git and get it set up.   1,689 more words


Git lesson 1: Initialize a repository and check its status

In lesson 0 you learned to configure Git. You will now learn how to use Git to start tracking files in a folder.

Let’s create your first repository. 786 more words