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Sharing computer code and programs in neuroscience

Many areas of neuroscience require computational techniques to process or analyse data. Some journals including the Nature family of journals and BioMed Central are encouraging investigators to share computer code and programs to improve scientific reproducibility, but these practices are not always adopted. 307 more words

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Version Control in Game Development

A look into the importance of Version Control & the tools available for you to make it happen

As of this writing, Version Control is not yet a habit I have mastered when working within the Unity environment. 541 more words

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Add Tag To Git Commit

The commands to accomplish that are quite simple, as below:

However, a few things to take note:

  1. There are two types of tags in Git, lightweight and annotated.
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Speeding Up SVN Checkout for Large Repositories

After moving our gigantic SVN repo to a new server, we wanted to speed it up. Note that some of these recommendations are peculiar to using the  689 more words

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Migrating a Large SVN Repository to a New Server

We ran into a situation at work where we needed to move our SVN repo from an old Linux server (running Ubuntu 10.04, in 2017!!) to a shiny new cloud instance. 349 more words

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10 Essential Git Commands for Beginners

Git commands and use cases:

1) init

Navigate to target folder,  cd targetFolder /

git init

Also, git init targetFolder/

2) status

git status command gives list of files to be staged and committed… 192 more words


Getting Started with Git


Why Get Git?

Git is a postmodern version control system that offers the familiar capabilities of CVS or Subversion, but doesn’t stop at just matching existing tools. 3,677 more words