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Renaming a Local GitHub branch and applying the change to its corresponding Remote branch


So, this is a ‘Tutorialeto’ to help you rename your GitHub branches when suddenly your Program Manager asks you to change the names as per her standards(I know you hate that :P ). 47 more words


Git Accounts | Separation of Concerns :)

Separation of concerns is a pretty good idea just about anywhere including having separate Github accounts to segregate your work and self interest, DIY projects. 245 more words


Thoughts on version control and course review of Onemonth.com

Greetings my little internet friends!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been busy with… things, such as sleeping until 10am!

What do I think about Git/Github? 438 more words

Onemonth.com Review

Web Application Architectures: Final Recap

This MOOC ended almost 3 months ago, and it took them super long to grade it, but they did.

I got 97.8%, mostly because just by following the videos and retyping the code in the correct files, one could get 100% for the assignments, and the quizzes were not particularly hard either. 161 more words


Django Pluggable Apps, Migrations and Version Control

The goal: a plugable Django app, with migrations, where the migrations are stored in the repo of the plugable app. At first this might seem impossible because a plugable app does not have manage.py. 84 more words


A command list for GIT based distributed version control and development

GIT is an important distributed version control discipline that any developer should adhere to. It gives you a command line based perspective to development and organizes the basic operations. 573 more words