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Time to Set up the Computer

Before I can jump in and start building the database, I need to set up my computer to get this to work. Technically I could probably use my work computer for a lot of this but that could be kind of awkward for so many reasons. 867 more words

Version control is one of the biggest headaches I face as a technical communicator. Oddly enough, the technologies that have made document sharing so easy and storage space so plentiful have also opened up new and recurring nightmares for anyone working with electronic documents.

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ALM - Application Lifecycle Management

What is ALM?

A: Tools that manage the application lifecycle. Tools that help from creation to application deployment.

It is common to see ALM divided into the following categories: 358 more words


Version Control and Virtual Environments

The purpose of this post is just to go through really quickly the reasoning and basics of version control and virtual environments. I will go through how to set it all up in another post and I won’t go into too much detail (don’t want to bore you) but will try and make it as easy as possible to understand as I remember when I was learning about it I had literally had no idea what the websites were on about, so I’ll try and dumbing it down. 574 more words


Pushing Initial Project Code to a Newly Created Github Repository

  1. Create a new Github repository on your account, say TestRepo
  2. Create SSH public and private keys for your machine, and add that SSH key to your Github account…
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Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration?

R: “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. 435 more words


git, where am I?

git is a great piece of software, it is a marvel of engineering, it is very useful and reliable.

However there is one problem with git, which barely anybody mentions – it has a very unintuitive user interface! 412 more words