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git push and fetch

Changes committed to local or remote repository needs to be synced.
To get the remote repository synced with local use fetch and push vise versa. 236 more words


Git clone and add remote

Git has working directory, Staging Index and local repository. All changes done to the project sits in local repository until it is been pushed to the remoteĀ  repository. 122 more words


Git stash

git-stash is used to record the current state of the working directory and the index and want to clean the directory with the intent of applying or dropping the stashed changes to the working directory. 179 more words


Git branch

Branches are used to isolate working folder. The HEAD always point to the current branch and can be checked as follows-

 cat .git/HEAD

This shall give the reference where the HEAD point to. 373 more words


Git log- basics

Git log shows commit logs. Helps to see the paginated view of the commits made to the repository. To see commit logs-

git log

This shall give you the list of commits having specific information. 349 more words


Delete or un-initialize git repository

If you want to completely remove the or un-initialize git from project and keep the working copy intact, delete the .get folder from your project root or use following to remove from command- 33 more words


Git - tree-ish navigating the commit tree

Git has a concept called as tree-ish it means something that is part of tree or reference to tree. Tree in git means nothing but the structure of commits. 81 more words