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thoughts from visiting Subaru Telescope

The visit with Eric at the Subaru telescope revealed many things about the day to day life of a computer scientist. careful and practiced is how Eric came across; at ease with how smoothly things were running across the suite of applications supporting scientific endeavor. 582 more words

Unity 5 + Version Control = A Match Made in Hell

For some of you this post will offer you some benefit only to see where my shortcomings were. For the past few days I have been fighting with Unity 5 and version control; both TFS, and Git. 266 more words


Early Book Review: Version Control

After interviewing author Dexter Palmer at New York Comic Con, I was excited to read Version Control.  Palmer was very careful to avoid any spoilers and I will do the same in this review. 843 more words


The Git Monster bite

Recently I heard from a friend a kind of horror story, about a meetup that was almost disolved when Tutors tried to explain to the novice attendees the uses and commands of Git.   682 more words


Learn How to Use Git

The concept of “Git” can be intimidating at first…branches, local copies, merging, committing, etc. It isn’t simple when starting out to understand how to use this powerful tool to its full potential. 173 more words


#amwriting: 3 steps for keeping the story straight

Every liar knows it’s difficult to keep a story straight–the story keeps evolving and soon it’s out of control.  However, writers, those spinners of awesome lies on paper, must devise ways to avoid this little problem. 962 more words


Deploying your PHP app to Heroku

You have started learning web designing and development. You have designed your first web app. Voila! But contrary to mobile apps, you need to host your web app on some server so that you can show off your impressive web app to others. 298 more words