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Why such kind of name?

A few years back I got introduced to Git. The credit here goes to Rahul Bansal, back when I was still in college, and he had mentioned it somewhere. 473 more words

A New Beginning

Version control

Version control is a service that syncs up your projects online so that you can restore and branch your projects and collaborate with other developers. 1,354 more words


Git: Move Uncommitted Work to New Branch

Before we start making a change, chance is high that we are still in our master branch because this is the most current one. What if while debugging, we happen to change the code in this branch then realize it should be made in new branch. 38 more words


Git and GitHub - back up your codes!

Have you ever lost hundreds of solutions of competitive programming problems due to disk failure? Well, I have. Thus I have learned the importance of backing up stuffs the hard way. 1,636 more words


Git Submodules

As a long-time Git user I find it fascinating when I come across a feature I have not yet explored. This was the case with submodules, a feature enabling  1,503 more words


Git: List changed file names only between two commits?

Occasionally you are in the situation that you need to know which files were changed from a commit to commit either to check an issue or to deploy these changes. 13 more words

Version Control