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Version Control

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“Okay, now spin the central kitchen island three-quarters. Good. Now back it up half the width of the range.”

Minil Cendriane looked around the floor of her house, checking gaps and eyelines revealed by the AR overlay. 214 more words


Git lesson 7 : creating and working with branches

In the previous post you learned about Git branches. Specifically, you learned about how branches could be used to make changes or additions to files… 1,072 more words


What the heck is version control?

You might be wondering what’s this confusing thing that all the professionals use. What’s the point of it? Can it help me write code? No and no. 1,144 more words

Centralized Version Control

Git basic commands remote

Until now, everything we did was on our local machine. What to do when we need to push changes to a remote repository? Below are the commands that will address this issue. 115 more words


Git basic commands local

Now that we have set up git, let’s go ahead and try some commands. So go ahead and open git bash.

  1. $ git init
    The first thing we need to know is initializing the repository and this command let’s you do that.
  2. 535 more words