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Welcome baby Ellyn! Update on Joli and Groot <3

On Monday brought our fourth orphan of the season. Meet baby Ellyn.

Ellyn was less than a week old when she came to us at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. 438 more words

Welcome babies, Groot and Joli! And the Zombie Apocalypse...

On Tuesday brought our second orphan of the season called Groot! Look at this adorable face…

This picture was taken when he was picked up. Groot’s mother was shot by a farmer so the poor baby was orphaned at just 2 weeks old. 698 more words

Miss Penelope <3

This is Penelope!

Penelope is 11 months old and came to the sanctuary on August 5th from a family in Cape Town. Penelope is an ex pet and was very humanised so integrating her into a troop full of monkeys was a tough job for integration staff member Alex. 534 more words

Debegeni Waterfall

On Saturday, 13 of us went to Debegeni falls which is about 45 minutes from the foundation in the mountains. What a beautiful, picturesque place it is. 462 more words

Pictures, pictures and more pictures :)

For the last couple of days, I’ve been out and about with my camera around the foundation snapping away.

The majority of the pictures I took are from the adorable bandit babies, but I’ve managed to get a few others as well. 814 more words

Adam's head shave and the extra shenanigans

On Sunday night, saw the funniest night we’ve had in a while. Everyone was bundled around the communal area ready and waiting for…. ADAM’S HEAD SHAVE! 513 more words

Sleep tight Little Mani

With a lump in my throat, it is my job to let you guys know. Little Mani sadly passed away this morning at 8:20am.

His little body just wasn’t strong enough to fight the infection he had going on inside. 316 more words