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Just a Stink Bug

After writing about the word just last week, I’ve really become aware of using it.  I’ve been adding it to things to make them not matter by emphasize their “unimportantness”; it’s just a mess, easily “cleanupable”.  168 more words

Life Happens

Things to note when sketching a graph

1. x-intercepts (if any)
2. y-intercepts (if any)
3. Label axes
4. Label graph
5. Draw line of symmetry (if req)
6. Label line of symmetry (if req) 6 more words

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KUNA Welcomes New Members

Written By  Julia Kirchner

The Kentucky United Nations Assembly is now meeting in room 316 every Thursday until 3:30.

KUNA will be accepting new members until the first of February. 162 more words


Voter Registration

Written By Casey Kirchner

ANNOUNCEMENT: Courtesy of Tonya Grant (U.S. History Teacher)

On TUESDAY – Feb. 6 we will be holding a Voter Registration Drive in the front lobby during all 3 lunches. 162 more words

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Homework Requirements

➀ Presentation of answers.
If you require more space, use more paper, squeezing your answer all over the paper is a bad habit and O level examiners have mentioned that they detest such a practice. 125 more words

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#2018 My First Article of the Year

As you grow younger ;) you realise there is too much noise around you which can overwhelm you so much that you can lose touch with yourself. 686 more words


The Panther Pit

Written By Kaitlyn Sutton

Despite being over a month into the 2017-2018 school year, PRP is still managing to surprise its students with features like the new campus store, The Panther Pit. 179 more words

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