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In Her Chair...

In her chair, listening to the priest quietly murmuring last rites as her final earthly breaths cut through the silence of the night.
The only other sound, the clock on the wall marking time in the remaining minutes and seconds of my mothers life. 292 more words


Gravity Hill

(800 words)

“Not wishing to doubt you Sue, but cars can’t coast uphill, get real!” So said Spencer Schneider, generally regarded as the class ‘nerd.’ 983 more words

Micro Fiction

Hydra's Seatbelt

It’s simple

It’s silly

It made me smile on this dark, dreary, humid morning.

In less than a minute, you can smile too! (and I’ll wager that you will be repeating the punchline throughout the day) 19 more words

Coffee and Poetry Combinations

As I was trolling through my WordPress Reader looking at all the great stuff posted by my favorite bloggers, I came across this term: “chapbooks.” I had no idea what that meant. 636 more words

Very Short Stories

Phoning a Friend

(700 words)

Not wanting to dial, but wanting to dial, Jessica Sumner hesitated, her finger poised over her phone’s key pad. She felt nervous. This was silly, she could simply say she’d dialled a wrong number, no one would mind. 782 more words

Micro Fiction

November 9

(800 words)

“Be quite sure to follow all instructions,” ‘Missileer’ Thomas Papineau reminded us, “to the letter.” Our white Dodge Durango turned off Interstate 80 just short of Sidney, Nebraska, heading north across the featureless Great Plains. 861 more words

Micro Fiction