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Hen Morning

“Long time no see.” Sam grinned, opening a shiny Land Rover door. “Hop in.“

Jealousy bubbled.

We bumped down a track to a long silver hangar, ominous in the early morning mist. 189 more words


Amid the Winter's Snow

“Long before you joined, Featherstone, something happened to me.” Old McMoneagle shifted in the red leather armchair.


“I was young, fresh out of Oxford. Master’s in agriculture. 201 more words


Six word story: Muffled

Her hands hid screams of despair.

Written for sometimes stellar storyteller


ron877 reblogged this on Read 4 Fun and commented:

Despair over what? Being Muffled? Not reaching a goal? Having her picture inadvertently taken at a place where she shouldn't have been? This is what makes the six-word story fun.

The 100th Story

Feeling nervous, Jonathan Rook, a sizeable cog in finance, took the elevator for the 100th floor.

Vernon Cumberbatch, the president, was interviewing for VP. The only other candidate was Grant Abrahams, head of insurance. 190 more words


Addressing Impatience

“Address labels. Where’s the address labels?”

“Why, did you want some?” Mother replied, having returned from shopping.

“That’s why I put them on the bloody list for heavens sake! 201 more words


The Streetlight

It was a dim and stormy night. Dogs and bitches alike could be heard howling all over the township. Wind shoved the leaves of trees that way and this. 187 more words

Beautiful Mess