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Fate Is A Cruel Mistress

On one end he was a high roller, full of swag and tonic, playing his notes, polishing the big curves on his 5-series matchbox, sowing his wild oats in a pattern. 276 more words

Beautiful Mess

Courage Moagie- Disable Hero

I was sitting at the corner where I usually chill with the gang, round about 16:30pm on a Friday; we would sit there and hustle money for cigarettes once we had finished eating in our small shack which we have managed to build with stolen goods. 1,826 more words

Very Short Stories

In the Meadow

Saw me, kneeling in the meadow;

Asked me if I knew the time —

So I told her. Now we’re married.

Love is strange, but it’s


Original Poems

first day on the vodcast

first day on the vodcast –

her life was supposed to fall apart —

she never got the message

Original Poems

she's finally here

she’s finally here.

she always thought she’d love it.

she was right.

Original Poems

no, he didn't

no, he didn’t text

after she went to sleep,


Original Poems

simultaneous thought

gasping for breath,

they each thought:

wow, have i

missed this

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