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first day on the vodcast

first day on the vodcast –

her life was supposed to fall apart —

she never got the message

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Frank and Stella Patch Things Up

https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/six-sentence-stories-8/  Ivy’s Cue:  PUFF

After pushing the limits of Stella’s unassailable admiration and devotion when he’d gotten puffed up over the library’s invitation for him to display his paintings (and possibly, the attractive young librarian’s attention), Frank was trying to make amends. 222 more words


she's finally here

she’s finally here.

she always thought she’d love it.

she was right.

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no, he didn't

no, he didn’t text

after she went to sleep,


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simultaneous thought

gasping for breath,

they each thought:

wow, have i

missed this

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It Was Only Once

“It was only once,”

She told him, but

All she had meant to him broke

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Broken Promise


Jeanne offered a challenge I can’t pass up, to write a story in 4 words—not sure if it must be the “saddest one you can” (click her link), but here goes: 13 more words

Very Short Stories