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Lottie's dad


Lottie’s alarm went off at 06:00 in the morning, she knew it was coming but still it came as a shock to her system. She was already awoken once just before 4 am thinking it was almost time to get up. 1,174 more words

Very Short Stories

How to Eat a Peanut

(500 words)

“Become one with the peanut!”

I looked at a small salted peanut sitting on a blue china saucer before me. “How exactly do I do that? 564 more words

Micro Fiction

Away with the Fairies

(800 words)

Everybody, including myself, thought that Uncle George was crazy. I mean, do you have fairies at the bottom of your garden? Well, actually they weren’t just at the bottom of his garden. 874 more words

Micro Fiction

Don't Let Them Win.

In life, there comes a time where we all must face adversity. Where we must face bigots and narcissists. Where the lives we lead are threatened and all that we hold dear is at stake. 85 more words


Lottie and Jake ; 5


A new day and it all started how every new day should start, apart from Lottie challenging herself by walking all three of the “monsters” in one walk, on the lead, and it seemed to work. 3,149 more words


Angels and Cards

(600 words)

“Everybody follow me please,” said the Angel, and a group of us proceeded into a large featureless chamber dotted sporadically with round tables and chairs. 672 more words

Micro Fiction

Lottie and Jake ; 4


After a celebratory evening, life’s back to normal the following morning.
Lottie woke up early and let Jake fly in to the garden for a wee. 3,079 more words