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Out and out and out

(400 words)

Out of time, out of joint,
Out and about, what’s the bloody point?
Out and out insanity,
Losing touch with reality.

Out of my mind, completely off my head, 434 more words

Micro Fiction

False Appearances

Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose has a subtitle: Horror Stories from Denmark Book 4. I was disappointed by what I felt to be deceptive advertising. I expected to find more than one story in Book 4. 421 more words


The Artifact

(875 words)

‘Out in space no-one can hear you scream.’ Well, Alice could hear screams all right. Her three year old twins, Adam and Toni, fighting. 918 more words

Micro Fiction


I remember I saw a deer running down Beacon Street. I remember the beast’s lugging breath when it was struck and stained a snowbank red right in Kenmore Square. 215 more words

Very Short Stories

400 followers, 400 great posts!

It doesn’t seem very long ago that I wrote excitedly to a friend, to tell them that I had fifty followers! Now, just over 18 months after starting my blog, the number is over 400! 5,771 more words

Micro Fiction


(700 words)

Stanislav Kowalski replaced the cigarette between his lips, inhaling the smoke deeply. He held it in his lungs as long as he could, until dizzy from the nicotine, then exhaled slowly with pursed lips, forming smoke rings in the warm still air of the May evening. 725 more words

Micro Fiction

Vignettes I

These snippets were originally posted on my main blog, but I feel it makes sense to move them here. I like these little glimpses into the minds of my characters. 988 more words