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Something Beautiful.

She had never expected it to be like this.

Like something keeping her warm from head to toe, something electrifying, like something that made her feel immense happiness. 278 more words


A Smile.

It’s a rainy day.

The dark gloomy clouds torment and fester, hiding the blue sky, instead, making it bleak and grey. A cold, bitter and almost cutting breeze has settled over London, coating everyone that walks on their journey’s in an awful, congested bubble of frost and coughing. 578 more words


What Had Been Lost.

A/N: Week 5 out of the 52 week short story prompt. 

London’s streets had long since lost their light and energy.

Long gone was the music, the chatter and bustle of people. 193 more words


Not In Wonderland Anymore.

A/N: Third story from the 52 week short story thingy. This week, I’m retelling a fairy tale. Warnings: alcohol, swearing and suicide. 

When Alice told her parents that a group of her friends (herself included) were going to visit the woods on the outskirts of their town, which was known for its mystery and ghostly mist that seemed to settle over the dark trees every night, they thought she was insane. 1,885 more words


To Feel Human.

There are things she’ll never be able to change, things she’ll always regret. There is no magic spell to rectify the past, no blue box that’s bigger on the inside, to take her back in time and there most definitely isn’t a majestic lion to help her see right from wrong. 83 more words



Its hard not to fall in love all over again every time I lay my eyes upon herHer soft curves and eyes that lock me in for the kill… 112 more words

Very Short Stories

Breaking Dreams

laundry on the line
I run
dodging clouds
fresh cut grass
under my feet
momma’s voice in the distance
breaking dreams
of flying free
tis supper time for me