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Cruising Down the River

(1300 words)

“Come on Pete, wakey wakey!” Julie shook her boyfriend’s shoulder, looking with affection at his unshaven face. She wore just a shirt, lemon yellow with white stripes, and her shoulder-length blonde hair was tipped over her face. 1,336 more words

Micro Fiction

Three Lives

(550 words)

“I’m a servant, milord, a maid to Sir Oswald’s household.”

“And are you happy there?” I asked.

“No, milord, cursed be the day I came into this house!” 598 more words

Micro Fiction

Starlight Over Florence

Donny’s smile was visible from space; Donny’s high was just as noticeable.

“Hey Ashely? Do you remember how we use to steal lighters at parties back in london? 980 more words

1000 Words

Just the Ticket

(1000 words)

“Servant?, well it’s, er, someone who performs duties for someone else, like someone who used to work in a big house in the old days, like a butler or a maid.” 1,042 more words

Micro Fiction

Secrets Trees Hold

The Mango Tree by Robin Storey is a five-page short story provided by the author in a PDF file. There can’t be a lengthy review of such a short story. 192 more words

Very Short Stories

Salmon and Soul

(1200 words)

Tunsgate Green stood, thinking of Ruth, back in the cottage, typing away at her wretched manuscript. Some romantic nonsense, mainly to make up for the total lack of it in their lives, he imagined. 1,245 more words

Micro Fiction

2015 #FP Archive Part 2

"Back in my day, a holo-adventure took up a whole 'nother room. Called it a Holodeck. You kids and your portables."
-Spaceship Grandpa.#FP

— Ay (@aault8) …

423 more words
Micropoetry & #FP