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Very Young Girls

Very Young Girls is a documentary about teen prostitutes. Much of the movie is about the organization Girls Education and Mentoring Services (GEMS) and its founder and head Rachel Lloyd. 2,808 more words


You would do anything for love, but would you sell your body?

This semester, I am taking a class on human trafficking. In just a few months it has opened my eyes so much to what is happening not only all over the world but in our backyards as well. 305 more words

MMP#128 - Lady Bits episode 11: 50 Shades of Sex Work

Jacqui and LeMar discuss commercially sexually exploited girls as described in the Rachel Lloyd memoir Girls Like Us. Then, they talk about the misconceptions associated with sex workers and the nuance required to view sex work more fairly. 75 more words


Women's History Month: Documentaries about Women

–riveting, inspirational and moving documentary of the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto who fought for democracy in Pakistan.

The Business of Being Born
–Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein investigate maternity care in the United States. 240 more words


Do Something

I have been reading Refuse to Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery by Shayne Moore and Kimberly McCowen Yim. As I read through the book, I find myself overwhelmed and feeling incredibly powerless to do much of anything about modern-day slavery. 1,720 more words

Very Young Girls

Very young girls enter the sex trade all over the United States. And by very young, I mean VERY YOUNG. The average age is 13… but there are girls being pimped from the age of 12 and younger. 492 more words


Do I Get To Be Done?

As many of you may know, I plan on entering the police force, at least for a while, after graduation. What you may not know is that I hope to work in the sex crimes division. 668 more words