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Verizon is well-positioned to generate revenue growth over the next five years, but will face a short-term plateau in 2016

By Steve Vachon, Research Analyst

Verizon will remain the most profitable U.S. telecom operator in 3Q15

Verizon’s 3Q15 performance exemplifies the carrier’s reluctance to engage in the wireless pricing war has benefited the company. 581 more words


The Verizon HTC One...In Blue | Tech Yawn

The world’s favorite smartphone up until recently. Available to many. Unless of course you’re a Verizon subscriber. But wait, now you have that option on Verizon too, if not a quiet launch. 50 more words


Aio Wireless gets AT&T 4G LTE

The prepaid service Aio Wireless can now use AT&T 4G LTE

Aio Wireless announced that it will now be able to use AT&T 4G LTE for prepaid smartphone service. 487 more words


Verizon secretly giving NSA your phone records

Verizon is reportedly secretly giving the government “metadata” including users’ location, call times and other identifiable features. This data collection is reportedly onging, heading to the National Security Agency and it is being collected on millions of users even if there isn’t any suspected wrong doing. 244 more words


Verizon HTC One available "later this summer"

The HTCs One is finally making its way to Verizon Wireless. Rumors surrounding the matter went back and forth for months, with both companies dodging the question completely. 304 more words


Verizon Wireless Presents APAHM 2013 - B.A.P Live On Earth U.S.Tour

B.A.P is taking their Live On Earth concert to the U.S.A through Verizon Wireless’ annual APAHM tour. Powerhouse Live, VerizonAPAHM and MNET AMERICA team up to bring the group to the states. 238 more words


Verizon Galaxy Nexus getting Android 4.2.2 update

Wait is over; Verizon has announced that it has started rolling-out Android 4.2.2 update for its variant of Galaxy Nexus LTE. The update will be released in phases, so no everyone will get it  … 91 more words