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Vesak Festival in Colombo

About a week after I returned to Sri Lanka from my month in Vietnam (posts to come soon – promise!), the Vesak poya (full moon) festival was celebrated by Buddhists in Colombo and around the country. 713 more words


Vesak Celebrations

The Deputy Mayor of Kendal Councillor Andy Blackman attended the BGKT Buddhist Group of Kendal (Theravada) Vesak celebrations, at Kendal URC United Reformed Church hall on May 10th 2017. 112 more words


That Guy Who-was-thoughtful-about-UN-Vesak Celebration Day

Vesak is a religious day and festival for most Buddhist centered cultures for a long time. In Sri Lanka, country follows Theravada Buddhism primarily believes Vesak is the the day attributed to Gautama Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away (generally we dont say death – instead more revered term passing away is used!). 159 more words

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Lanterns Full Of Hope

Photo Details: Lanterns Full Of Hope

Taken at Magelang, Central Java, may 10th 2017

Taken by Finessa. Filtered with VSCOcam (preset HB2 and C1)


Vesak Letter to the Pretend Devouts & Chathu Alahakoon

Vesak being the religious holiday (Holy Day) to Buddhists also means that it is the day when the “Vesak Buddhists” come out from under the fabled rocks (Christians call that kind the Sunday Christians). 581 more words

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Vesak Poems (2)

Vesak 4

Light as in the type
Emitted by aureoles of Buddha
Climb through the pupil
And fall to the gravity of the human heart… 116 more words