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Stock Option Plan Basics

Stock Option Plans or Stock Incentive Plans are commonly used in start-ups, as these entities have limited cash flow initially.  Employees who go to work for these entities usually seek higher reward for their risk. 573 more words

Stock Option

Vesting and why we do it

According to the ADA, service animals aren’t required to wear a specific harness, vest, or ID tag. Federally they have no requirements for identification besides the two standard questions of “Is this a service animal,” and “What tasks/work does he preform?” 175 more words


Everything you need to know about 401K

The purpose of a 401K is to help employees save money toward retirement. As employees contribute money toward the 401K, every dollar is tax-deferred… 656 more words


Should a startup pay equity to advisers?

A colorfully worded post by Blossom Street Ventures found it’s way to my Inbox earlier today. The author explains his rationale for not giving equity to advisers. 312 more words


My Vesting Milestone

Yesterday was a big day for me. It’s the day I became a vested member in the LAGERS system. Reaching this important milestone on the road to retirement has been an easy one for me. 362 more words


Vesting and Priorities of Competing Construction Liens


It goes without saying that a construction project involves a plethora of competing interests. There is a lender, a main contractor, subdivision improvers, architects, and many different subcontractors, all of which are competing for limited funds meant to be exchanged for labor, services, and materials. 903 more words

How to take Title-擁有產權的方式

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