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Good Vestments

I have been having deeply unChristian fun with bad vestments ( for the late lamented blog, see here: badvestments.blogspot.co.uk ). So I thought I’d better rebalance my karma or unharsh my buzz or summink by concentrating on the beauty of proper ecclesiastical vestments and habits.  23 more words


Vestment Shopping for the Liturgically Challenged, Part 3: Geneva Gowns & Academic Regalia

Welcome to Part 3 of the Rock That Collar vestment guide! Today, we wander down, down, down the mountain of churchmanship, away from the Summit of Lace, past Chasuble Ridge, through the Meadow of the Alb, until we get to the Geneva gown. 570 more words


Breaking News: Trade Court Rules That Snuggies Are NOT Vestments

Alert reader Ellen tipped me off to an important Court of International Trade ruling last week. The question on the table: For tariff purposes, are Snuggies considered apparel or blankets? 77 more words


Vestment Shopping for the Liturgically Challenged, Part 2: Choir Dress

During my first year of ordained ministry, my church held a service of Advent Lessons & Carols. My boss told me to wear “choir dress,” which I earnestly hoped meant “the same thing as the choir.” I skulked down to the choir room, donned a spare set of robes that looked like about the right size, and returned upstairs. 1,344 more words


Vestment Shopping for the Liturgically Challenged, Part 1: The Basics

Oh hey, Reverend. You’re looking pretty sharp in your new capsule wardrobe. Now it’s time to think about vestments.

In certain Christian traditions, vestments are not a part of the ballgame, and you will be expected to preach and lead worship in your street clothes. 958 more words


Dressing Like a King is Not Unobtrusive


Father Dwight again challenges reason:

The priest’s robes are a ceremonial vesture—a uniform of their sacred office. They are meant to effectively obliterate the priest’s personality.

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Roman Catholicism

GRAVE: Albs and Amices

There’s really no exciting way to lead into albs and amices, so let’s just dive right in.


ChasublesChasuble Styles… 539 more words