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Decently habited, CLXXXVIII

Acolytes carry the cross and torches at the Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, Tex.


Decently habited, CLXXXVII

Clergy in the Episcopal Church in South Carolina prepare for Morning Prayer at annual convention.


Beware the long robes

November 5, 2015
A brief sermon during a service of Holy Communion for a gathering of pastors using the Gospel for the coming Sunday.  (We, too, need to let ourselves stand beneath word and let God encounter us there.) 1,030 more words


Do Clothes Make the Man?

You’ve heard this phrase before, I’m sure. For many, it expresses the very strong link people make between the way someone looks and their worth in society. 844 more words


BAA Study Day: Opus Anglicanum (26 Nov 2015)

In the course of the later middle ages, embroiderers in England produced some of the masterpieces of the age. Incredibly detailed and painstakingly created their work was sumptuous and expensive.  282 more words

Material Culture

Decently habited, CLXXXVI

Once again, Dr Andrew McGowan, dean and president of Berkeley Divinity School.


Catholicism pagan? Think again! 

Have you ever ran into Protestant websites that try to “prove” how “pagan” the Catholic Church really is? Some going as far as saying that Bishop mitres resemble the pagan fish hat and that the incensation of the altar comes from ancient pagan worship? 145 more words