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Chasuble. Italian. 16th C.

The textile used in this chasuble is iconic of the early Renaissance period and highly valued; it is this type of textile that is often seen in religious paintings of the time. 242 more words

GRAVE: Albs and Amices

There’s really no exciting way to lead into albs and amices, so let’s just dive right in.


ChasublesChasuble Styles… 539 more words


Monastic Life

Please be sure to check out the blog on Conception Abbey’s main website to see my latest contribution: 5 Ways to Live Like a Monk in the World… 116 more words

Daily Life

GRAVE: The Stole

The Grand, Robust All-American Vestments Extravaganza (GRAVE) continues today with a look at the stole. 458 more words


GRAVE: A&L Fashion Week 2016

By popular demand, here is a quick explainer on different styles of chasubles. 525 more words


Silk and batik clergy shirts - from bridal designers Nortier Shallow

I don’t profess to be in the slightest bit stylish, being happiest when comfortable, and am no model, so apologies for the grim photos (courtesy of my husband). 426 more words


GRAVE: Chasubles

Welcome to the first installment of the Great, Robust, Amazing Vestments Extravaganza, or GRAVE! We will be taking a look at each element of a priest’s vestments, one at a time. 621 more words