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VIDEO: 90 Year Old Vail Skier Committed To Improving Skills Year After Year

“The doctors say you gotta keep active. Well, I say you’d better keep moving. Skiing all day is a big part of that.” -90 year old Harvey Simpson… 104 more words


Βετεράνος του Β΄ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου έγινε… αδελφή σε ηλικία 90 ετών

Και ΤΩΡΑ; Ο Άγγλος θα χαρεί τον .. έρωτά του ΕΝΑ βήμα πριν τον τάφο; 

«Νιώθω σαν να έφυγε ένα βάρος από τους ώμους μου, ζούσα ένα ψέμα». 


Utah veterans honored on anniversary of day last American troops left Vietnam

SALT LAKE CITY — On this day back in 1973, the last American combat unit was pulled out of Vietnam.

In commemoration of that event, dozens of Utah Vietnam Veterans were honored for their service at the Utah State Capitol Wednesday morning. 311 more words


Can You Kill The One You Love?, Life's Journey #7

Can You Kill the One You Love?

Matt stumbled as he walked back into town, holding his clothes in his hands. His mind was awash in strange shapes and visions. 14,112 more words

Warsaw, Poland: Nationalist March In Memory Of Anti-Communist Resistance Fighters

March 1, 2017.

A march and rally was held in memory of the “Cursed Soldiers”, an anti-communist resistance movement in Poland which fought against the red occupation after World War II. 222 more words


Bronze star recipient gets 4 years in prison for loan fraud

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — A Navy veteran and Bronze Star recipient charged with stealing the identities of at least two subordinates to obtain fraudulent loans has been sentenced to more than four years in prison. 112 more words


Hot Link: Teresa Fazio's Award-Winning Story "Float"

Last week, I linked to Teresa Fazio’s op-ed on Marines United and mentioned what a fan of her short stories I am. I was tickled yesterday to see that her story “Float” went live on the  68 more words