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The Other Natives First Post

Hello, Welcome to The Other Natives. First of all, we should not be taken as any academic source or credible source. this site and other sites related to this media is for entertainment purposes only. 26 more words

Native American

The Denizens of Minecraft's 'Worst' Server Are At War With YouTube

(Source: kotaku.com)

Illustration: Sam Woolley

A war is raging on one of the longest-running servers in Minecraft, 2b2t. Some of the battle is fought with diamond swords and lava buckets, as you might expect, but the rest of it unfolds with racist memes, shocking gore and porn, as well as monstrous contraptions designed to make the server literally unplayable. 1,443 more words


Before Porn Went Mainstream

In the years before porn was popular or accessible, I wonder what the common masturbation process was. Today it’s so easy. Computer. Website. AND… I’m jerkin’ it. 474 more words


You're 30, Get Your Shit Together.

I think a lot about what it means to be happy. I usually think about this when I am unhappy. It’s not that I really am, though. 545 more words


Police train to de-escalate interactions with veterans in crisis

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A simulation at the Austin Police Department Training Academy on Thursday took officers through the basics of U.S. military culture, traumas, triggers and stressers, as well as de-escalation techniques. 231 more words


Is it laziness or Am I Entitled ?

So as a mom I always have the guilt … ya know what guilt I mean lol . I miss those days where I didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone , I could sleep in for ever , order food. 163 more words


I was never stylish;
I can’t compete
with glittery conversation
or chic mode of dress;
hard as I try to be subtle
what you see is what you get. 91 more words