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Its always the quiet ones... the story of Captain Mike Rose, US Army retired

This story is dedicated to all of the heroes in our lives.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In our American culture, we are taught from an early age about the heroes who protect us from all manner of bad things. 1,718 more words

American History

How the Tierney Center Changed Vince’s Life

Unhappy with his previous job in the civilian sector, Vince came to the Tierney Center for Veteran Services seeking help and resources to find new employment. 317 more words


Clean Laundry and Civil Discourse Satanist Style

Most of you probably won’t remember this post from August 10, 2013, back in Kerrville, Texas.    I’ve come to know a lot of veterans since then, but none with quite the flare of the satanist who wore a Vietnam Veteran cap to get people to listen to him talk about his religion. 506 more words

Human Behavior

Amazing quilting

Hi readers.

During the coldest months of last winter a friend from one of my previous lifetimes heard about my situation here and sent me a fantastic, warm, welcome gift. 130 more words


Driving back senility with chess


Hi readers

I’m guessing every older person begins to see the memory functions deteriorate with advancing years.    And probably most of us have wondered whether there’s anything we can do to keep it from becoming a conspicuous piece of our lives.   249 more words

Senior Citizens

Remembering the Fallen from All Eras who died for our property rights.

Hi readers.    Thanks for coming by for a smile.

I was sitting in the Silver clinic waiting area at the KCVA Medical Center today and got some really good news!   548 more words


What the heck is a 'domiciliary?

These were the Domiciliary Buildings…. they we used from the 1880s until after the Vietnam War.    One of the guys I play chess with lived in one of them a few times back in the late 1970s    They were full back then. 218 more words