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To Our POWs and MIAs: When Life Gives You Lemons...

My foot is as big as a volleyball and looks like a water balloon and I have it propped up on a pillow so that the swelling will go down and I don’t even know how it got that way. 772 more words

It’s Time Veterans Had Freedom of Choice

It’s ironic that veterans are always characterized as having fought for our freedom, but when it comes to their health care, they have no choice. Their only options are the totalitarian VA hospital system or buying a copy of the ‘Operation’ board game at Target for DIY treatment. 52 more words


Medical Marijuana For Veterans Group Pushes VA To Consider Treatment

DENVER (CBS4)– A group rallied outside the current VA Hospital in Denver on Friday to push for using medical marijuana to treat veterans.

One advocate from the group “Operation Grow 4 Vet” said some veterans are having great success using cannabis oil for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and chronic pain. 118 more words


Senators In Colorado To Scrutinize Over-Budget VA Hospital

AURORA, Colo. (AP) – Leaders of the U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee are traveling to Colorado to ask why the VA hospital under construction in Aurora is more than $1 billion over budget. 112 more words


Obama should appoint Mitt Romney to run the VA

By Tom Quiner

Let’s be fair to the president. The problem with healthcare at the Veteran’s Administration preceded President Obama.

The Bush administration tried to do something about it by increasing funding. 523 more words


Summer is Coming

This is the time of year I both look forward to and simultaneously dread.

Am I the only one? 

It seems like my TO-DO list always has 10,000 things on it and some of it gets done but it never completely goes away.   362 more words


A Day at the VA - And they are surprised vets complain?

Today was a typical day for us at the Veteran’s Outpatient Clinic in Austin. We got there about 10 am and our first stop was the desk at Mental Health. 883 more words

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