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Obamacare Death Watch

Yeah, I’ve written about this before. The basic premise is that the Democrats knew well ahead of the passage of the “Affordable Care Act” (don’t you love how they name bills that are totally opposite of what they turn out to be?), they figured Obamacare would die on the vine and the government couldn’t let those millions of poor people suffer, so they’d swoop in and save them “with a public option” (read that as socialized medicine…single payer). 468 more words

My Personality Disorder

There is a black mark on my DD-214 – the legal document that separates military personnel from their service – and I don’t want to share it with anyone. 1,026 more words


You survived Vietnam, but what about its aftermath?

Four decades after the Vietnam War, many veterans are still questioning why me? Some still suffer form post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. For many honorable service men and women, it is a condition that just won’t go away.   874 more words


TS Radio: Veterans Health News: Dr R Trewyn and the legacy of Agent Orange

Join us live September 16th, 2016 at 2:00 pm CST!!

12:00 pm PST … 1:oo pm MST … 2:00 pm CST … 3:00 pm EST… 195 more words

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6 Reasons to use your VA Benefits

When it comes to finding a home for you and your family, getting the best possible mortgage sets you up for success. For those who are eligible, a VA (Veteran’s Administration) mortgage loan offers a number of enticing benefits that may make sense for your home purchase. 420 more words

News For Consumers

Double-Dipping Bureaucrat Pulls Triple-Dipping Scam on Taxpayers

As a public finance economist, I normally focus on big-picture issues such as the economically debilitating effect of excessive government spending and punitive taxation. 813 more words

Big Government

Your Candidates For Commander-in-Chief, Alas

While President Barack Obama was making another stop on his diplomatic trip to the Far East Wednesday, his would-be successors were appearing on the MSNBC cable network’s “Commander in Chief Forum,” with both spending a half-hour or so answering a series of questions about defense and foreign policy from the National Broadcasting Company’s Matt Lauer and selected members of a an audience comprised mostly of military veterans. 2,186 more words