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Part 2: Bill Posey's 2017 Constituent Survey

Yesterday’s Part 1 post. Today I pick up commenting on items 9-15 on my Congressman’s survey.

9. Local, state and federal leaders should work with LOCAL BUSINESS AND PROPERTY OWNERS to find solutions that protect the Indian River Lagoon.   274 more words

All Politics Is Local

No wonder Veterans not getting good health care - VA Management is Anti-American!

“A 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran is facing jail time for hanging an American flag on the fence at a VA facility in Los Angeles. Bob Rosebrock, who served in the military from 1965-1967, protested the treatment of homeless veterans by hanging a six-inch American flag on the fence outside the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs facility on Memorial Day. 749 more words

Editorial Articles

UCF: VA Selects UCF Historians to Archive Stories of Deceased Veterans

From the University of Central Florida: VA Selects UCF Historians to Archive Stories of Deceased Veterans. “A University of Central Florida team of scholars has been awarded a $290,000 contract from the National Cemetery Administration, an agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs, to archive the stories of veterans buried in the Florida National Cemetery for a new generation of students. 15 more words

Tweaks & Updates

VA problems are no reason to abandon single payer

by Glen Wallace

While some may like to point out how the VA has supposedly done such a bad job, as a reason why the government shouldn’t take over health care, they are ignoring some important counter arguments or reasons supporting government takeover.   330 more words

Applied Social Political Philosophy

Another U.S. military toxic secret -- the poisonous burn pits in Iraq and the role of Dick Cheney's Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR)

The VA denies Gulf War Illness and treatable mycoplasma infections which untreated can lead to crippling illness and death as well as being transmissible to spouses and children, denies Fukushima radiation sickness in sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan, denied Agent Orange health effects, denied atomic bomb testing radiation sickness, denies depleted uranium health effects, etc., etc., etc. 846 more words

What is a VCF; Tell Your Hubby to Howl at the Moon...

Today was my appointment to get back on birth control at the local Veterans Administration. As I entered the nurses room and began answering her questions she asked me what type of birth control I was currently using. 1,080 more words