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New Video: A Outcry For Strength For Our Veterans Who Have Chronic Pain

Obviously, this is NOT an occult video, but I would appreciate it if anyone who stumbles upon my blog to PLEASE watch it. It’s 21 minutes long, but this cruel, uncouth treatment of the Veteran’s Administration upon my husband is something that should not have happened. 241 more words


Reverse Snowbirds

North we are planning to go

For the experience, not for the dough

If we prefer cold to heat

Can Alaska be beat?

We’ll wait for the dark and the snow. 559 more words

Locum Tenens

The Enemy Within

Veterans are one of the most vulnerable populations in this country today. A decade and a half of war has taken its toll. According to the Veteran’s Administration (VA), in 2014, about 7,403 U.S. 415 more words

Random Ramblings: The Veil & Questions, The Goverment Sucks

Boy, it’s that time of year again! The veil is thinning very quickly as we approach Samhain and the Day of the Dead. I felt random spirits lately. 407 more words


Book Review: "The Last and Greatest Battle"

John Bateson knows suicide. After studying suicide for 15 years, Bateson turned to the military for his second book, The Last and Greatest Battle: Finding the will, commitment, and strategy to end military suicides. 705 more words

Mental Health

The Veterans Deserve Our Best

We need a Norman Schwarzkopf-like General to take the lead at the Veterans Administration (“VA”), and give him firing-squad (bullets, not pink slips) authority for any staff who are guilty of abandonment of post or dereliction of duty. 185 more words

Poor Veteran Care Highlighted In Unanswered Suicide Hotline Calls

One third of all calls placed to the Veteran Administration’s suicide hotline are either sent to voicemail or are answered by unprepared staff. Because of poor work ethics and unmanaged staff, calls that could save lives are not being dealt with properly. 303 more words