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Thank You For Your Service

Have you ever had a stress reaction?

Have We Defined It Incorrectly
Maybe our recent wars did not create an apocalypse for our nation, but we’re not facing some consequences of the wars. 628 more words


A matter of priorities....

If you were asked to make a list of the top 10 things that you would be spending money on for major purchases over the next twelve months, I would venture a guess that cemetery property and funerals would not appear for most of the readers of this newspaper. 887 more words

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New Considerations for Planning with a Special Needs Trust

Special needs trusts remain a critical planning tool for individuals with disabilities, or parents with children that have disabilities. Moving into 2016, a multitude of changes are occurring within the law that require a practitioner to at least review the potential complications. 215 more words


For veterans, your discharge papers are of extreme importance...

The Department of Defense Form 214, more commonly known as the DD214, is the legally accepted papers that shows a person’s military record, including type of discharge.  207 more words

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Things That Make You Go: "Hmmm..."


So let me get this straight:

Obama cuts $1,400,000,000.00 USD out of Veterans benefits,


not long after signing “sequestration” into law, slashing… 192 more words

VA Backlog Continues To Grow

The VA has been struggling with adjudicating claims for several years as the influx of claims has continued to rise as a result of troops returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Vietnam Veterans continue to pursue compensation for the residuals of Agent Orange and combat.   784 more words


Merry Christmas to all...

This is what the season is all about…the rest is fun, but only this day 2015 years ago opened a possibility of eternal life as it should be.

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