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7 Common Medicare Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

  1. Making Medicare decisions without a basic understanding of how Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D of Medicare work. Medicare.gov, the booklet titled “Medicare and You,” and your state SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) can help you learn the basics about Medicare.
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New Rules Will Make It Harder to Qualify for Long-Term Care Help From the VA

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) offers a pension benefit to low-income veterans (or their spouses) who are in nursing homes or who need help at home with everyday tasks like dressing or bathing.  407 more words


Are You Eligible for VA Disability Compensation

If you were injured or became seriously ill while serving in the military, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. In 2017, eligible veterans can receive up to $3,458 per month tax-free, depending on the level of disability and number of dependents. 415 more words

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Trump Will Disappoint Supporters If He Continues Pushing "Ryancare"

Many conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, Republicans and independents cringed the day Obamacare was implemented.  Seeing the writing on the wall, these voters knew Obamacare was designed to fail.   1,536 more words

10 Important Facts about your VA Burial Benefits

Molly M. Gilgor provides us with very important knowledge about your VA benefits.

Here are 10 facts about burial benefits you may not have known: 1,139 more words

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Another thought on defence

I have written a lot on defence, some technical, some strategic, some practical, some, even, a little bit passionate, but I always keep in mind one thing (which is about the Army but applies, equally to “ 426 more words

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Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans & Surviving Spouses

Long-term care costs can add up quickly. That’s why we focus on helping our clients plan for these costs. For veterans and the surviving spouses of veterans who need in-home care or are in a nursing home, we can help. 485 more words