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Veterans Benefits: Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Benefits

When a veteran passes-away, benefits may be available to the surviving close family members of the veteran.  These benefits are tax-free and are called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation… 172 more words

Veterans Benefits: Aid and Attendance benefits

For many seniors needing long-term care, Aid and Attendance benefits can be helpful. Aid and Attendance is an extra monetary award for veterans, veterans’ spouses, and veterans’ parents who need extra help with daily living activities. 108 more words

Veterans Benefits: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Not unsurprisingly, the most common types of disabilities compensated by the VA are for hearing loss and tinnitus respectively. Claims for auditory-related conditions can only be expected to rise in the coming future. 225 more words

Veterans Benefits: Agent-Orange Presumed Conditions

There are a variety of chronic medical conditions presumed caused by exposure to Agent Orange and other dangerous chemicals.  In order to qualify for compensation based on the presumption of exposure, the Veteran must have served for 90 or more days in the military and served in Vietnam or Thailand.   184 more words

Veterans Benefits: Clear and Unmistakable Error by the VA

Has the VA made a mistake when deciding your claim?  The truth is that you may not know whether or not the VA has made a mistake, but if they have, it is possible the VA has made a… 89 more words

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on your big win...

For Blackhawk fans, what a night!  Even if you don’t follow hockey, this team personifies team spirit, team goals, and teamwork.  The series was hard fought, and the season was long, long….long.  55 more words

Calumet Park Cemetery In Merrillville Indiana

Desperately Seeking Susan ...

It’s likely that the email from a national social justice organization that bore the salutation “Desperately Seeking Susan,”  was only somewhat personalized, sent to every Susan on their list. 301 more words