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2017 Today's Game Committee: We Vet The Vets' Vote

MILLER: So, the results are in, and to the surprise of few, it’s John Shuerholz and Bud Selig going to the Hall.

ERIC: Selig’s election was about as surprising as winter snowfall in New England. 794 more words


#37- Ed Walsh, SP2

Year Inducted: 1946 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 33857

The Dead Ball Era has seen its fair share of great pitchers.  Christy Mathewson, Pete Alexander, Walter Johnson are the most famous, but there are many other great pitchers of that time as well.   441 more words


#40- George Davis, SS

Year Inducted: 1998 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 33286

When Curt Flood challenged the Reserve Clause in the late 1960’s, it was far from the first time that a player had attempted to challenge it.   533 more words


#41- Cap Anson, 1B

Year Inducted: 1939 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 33138

Record keeping has always been the lifeblood of baseball statistics.  This was, of course, insanely difficult in the era before computers and electronic databases.   453 more words


#48- Ed Delahanty, LF

Year Inducted: 1945 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 31497

There are some players that get celebrated more for their personality than for their play.  Most of these would be players from the early years of the game.   394 more words


#65- Eddie Plank, SP2

Year Inducted: 1946 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 28970

It’s tough to be a big league player, that’s why the Minors exist.  Unlike football or basketball, where college is a good prep for a pro-career, the talent gap between MLB and College Baseball is way too wide for most players to make a complete transition.   399 more words


#70- Jesse Burkett, LF

Year Inducted: 1946 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 28451

Say what you will about the talent pool being better today, and the revenue coming in higher than ever before, but one thing the earliest years of baseball had that they no longer really do was personality.   392 more words