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#105- Chief Bender, SP2

Year Inducted: 1953 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 24803

Baseball can sometimes be a battleground for race it seems.  The first professional African American players (Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby) had to endure a ton of pressure and hate and played amazingly despite it.   436 more words


#107- Buck Ewing, Catcher

Year Inducted: 1939 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 24573

The nineteenth century has had some marvelous ballplayers, despite the fact that no one remembers them that well.  Cap Anson and Roger Connor had records that stood for roughly 30 years until players like Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth played more games and were able to blow by previous numbers.   260 more words


#109- Hal Newhouser, SP3

Year Inducted: 1992 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 24438

Players who blossomed in the WWII years of the game used to be looked at with a certain stigma.   495 more words


#113- Addie Joss, SP1

Year Inducted: 1978 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 23822

Many rules about Hall of Fame voting have changed over the years.  Time on the ballot, number of ballots and the amount of time after retirement for a player to go on a ballot have all been modified since the first ballots were cast in 1936.   400 more words


#118- Joe Sewell, SS

Year Inducted: 1977 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 23139

In 1920, the baseball world would feel tremendous tragedy for one of the first times in its history.  Ray Chapman, a star shortstop for the Cleveland Indians, was struck in the head by a pitch from Carl Mays of the New York Yankees. 378 more words


#119- Fred Clarke, LF

Year Inducted: 1945 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 22948

In the last five years, teams have somewhat shifted away from hiring older, more experienced managerial candidates in favor of younger minds.   394 more words


#120- Lefty Gomez, SP3

Year Inducted: 1972 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 22892

When Jose Fernandez tragically died earlier this year, it was a near catastrophic loss.  Not just due to his abilities, as he was probably the top right hander in the NL.   555 more words