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#132- Jake Beckley, 1B

Year Inducted: 1971 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20752

There are some players that always stand the best of time.  If the names of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb or Tris Speaker were dropped in most baseball circles, everyone involved would know who they are and why they are important.   533 more words


#133- Hugh Duffy, CF

Year Inducted: 1945 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20656

In the 1800s, the Boston Braves employed a pair of outfielders who were dubbed the Heavenly Twins.  Both of these players were of Irish-Catholic decent from New England families who employed speed as a primary weapon.   368 more words


#134- Zack Wheat, LF

Year Inducted: 1959 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20609

The Dodgers were one of the original teams in the National League.  This means that they’ve been around for a long time, and as such have had a lot of great players on their teams.   356 more words


#135- John Clarkson, SP1

Year Inducted: 1963 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20523

The value of the pitching win has changed dramatically over the years.  While wins stocked up over a career have  725 more words


#137- Stan Coveleski, SP2

Year Inducted: 1969 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20393

Players always will try to find a way to bend the rules and get ahead of the game.  Whether it be by scuffing the ball, corking a bat, or taking some new PED, players are super competitive and want to win at all costs.   443 more words


#138- Bid McPhee, 2B

Year Inducted: 2000 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20207

Baseball is indebted to its history.  The game, like this country, was built on the shoulders of giants.  And, it is for this reason, it’s important to remember the players that came first.   496 more words


#139- Johnny Mize, 1B

Year Inducted: 1981 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20181

Outside of the 1970s, and some scattered picks here and there, has the Veterans Committee really been that bad overall?   463 more words