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My visit to Jones VA Hospital

When I first decided to The police had brought a cab with them, and in this I escorted Miss Morstan back to her home. After the angelic fashion of women, she had borne trouble with a calm face as long as there was some one weaker than herself to support, and I had found her bright and placid by the side of the frightened… 587 more words


Paksitan: Popularity of Modi is waning

Asif Haroon Raja Narendra Modi had been elected by the Indians in June 2014 under the fond hope that contrary to Manmohan Singh who in their view was weak and unassuming, Modi being tough and assertive, he will be able to nail down Pakistan and annex remaining part of Kashmir. 14 more words


Pray with Standing Rock on December 4

Together in prayer we are one, we are strong, and we can protect the sacred.

Join in, wherever you are in the world, on Sunday December 4th at 10am Central Time, 9am Mountain Time, 4pm GMT… 183 more words


More Moves By Congress to Strop Russia Rapprochement by Trump

The House of Representatives wants to cut the Pentagon’s military-to-military cooperation with Russia. The provisions included in a $618.7 billion defense budget bill impose strict conditions for the US military on working with its Russian counterparts. 28 more words


One Retired Veteran's Story

And you wonder why Donald Trump won the election…?

I received the following email from a friend who is a Retired Marine Officer.

He and I enlisted in the military about the same time, during the midst of the Viet Nam war. 1,002 more words

The View From Pelham

Iran MPs mull triple-urgency motion on nuclear activities resumption

Jim W. Dean – It was a surprise to see the huge numbers of Democrats abandon this huge Iran accomplishment by their own president. The Republicans are giddy with glee as the Iranians look like they might crank up nuclear operations. 8 more words