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Feeling Disenfranchised a Community unites asking for Sunday Bus Service in Charlotte North Carolina

Oakview Terrace Neighbors came out again today calling for a Sunday Bus Service and to continue to bring this injustice to forefront. With out any Public Transportation Bus  Service on Sunday’s many Neighbors are having to pay a lot of their hard earned money for a Taxi,  Lift or Uber just to get to work, church, the Grocery Store or a Pharmacy.   442 more words

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Motorcycle Ride for Veterans in Poconos

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — People hit the open road in part of the Poconos on Sunday for the first Ride for Veterans event.

The motorcycle ride kicked off at the VFW Post 2540 along Fawn Road near East Stroudsburg around noon and made its way on an 80-mile course through the Poconos before returning to the VFW for some food and fun. 93 more words


The Wall That Heals

The scale-model replica of the gash on the Washington Mall has a big job to do. If the wall removes the pain felt by Vietnam veterans, by their family and their friends; if it removes the pain felt by objectors and their families; if it removes the horror from the collective memory of not just the Vietnamese and American people but from the entire world, it will have accomplished its mission. 1,348 more words

Part II: The Cosmology of Consciousness…The Monkey Mind, Excalibur, and Your Leaps of Faith


Here is Part II (The Monkey Mind, Excalibur, and Your Leaps of Faith) of my hypothesis and/or theory from the Cosmology of Consciousness, Miracles, and New Co-Created Possibilities series.  40 more words


Lavender Season in The Netherlands

The drought is bad and each day it lingers makes me fearful of what is to come.  You can read from my last blog ( 844 more words


Notorious Israel-linked “terror journalist” Gutjahr crushed by German courts!


It takes chutzpah for a photographer to show up with front row seats for two “terror attacks” in one week…and then to sue the journalists who report this highly suspicious behavior. 14 more words