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The Hero

I’m going to ask for your indulgence again when it comes to my attempts at poetry. This latest poem was partially inspired by a truly awesome opportunity I recently had. 420 more words


CBI Theater in March - part one

These headlines and articles are from the CBI Roundup, newspapers distributed during March 1945.\


The tanned men in unpressed khaki raised their right hands, were sworn in by Theater Adjutant General, Col. 654 more words


Veterans' health and wellbeing

The Scottish Veterans Commissioner has produced a report on ‘Veterans’ health and wellbeing – a distinctive Scottish approach‘. The report provides an assessment of the current provision of health and social care of armed forces veterans in Scotland and a vision and framework for the future.

Scottish Health & Social Care

NEO – The Schmear – the War of Lies against Russia - Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs – VA


Jim W. Dean – Gordon lays out that it is way past time to just go after the proxy terror groups, but a mistake not to include the countries supporting them or they will just continue to use these groups whenever and wherever they want. 13 more words


VT Physics: Electromagnetism Reconsidered - Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs – VA


 By Jeff Smith, Editor According to Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Castile Fame. “When man discovers how to use positive electricity correctly mankind will change and if you put my invention in the nose of a rocket you will have no problem going to the moon”. 23 more words


NPR's take on longshot WV Dem

Asma Khalid’s worked up a story on a “JFK with tattoos,” a Democrat with military service hoping to win a congressional seat this cycle. The article focuses on Richard Ojeda, and the first sentence, as articles like this tend to, makes his time in the army central to his identity as a political candidate. 230 more words


Trump Really Was Peed On By Russian Hookers - Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs – VA


The old truism ‘the truth will out’ is making Donald Trump very uncomfortable right now as the most salacious part of the notorious Christopher Steele dossier appears to be accurate. 13 more words