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This is the first in a series of articles based on the Marine Corps JJDIDTIEBUCKLE concept.

We of the Marine Corps have looked with happy amusement as so many of our honored leaders have been ushered into high levels of power, including General Mattis as Secretary of Defense.  1,036 more words


San Diego Ducks sled hockey team gives veterans hope

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Ducks sled hockey team has become the fastestigrowing sled hockey team in the country.

With 25 members, many of which are disabled veterans, the adaptive sport gives these skaters a renewed sense of purpose. 426 more words


US News Bitcoin price manipulated from $150 to $1,000 by single actor - Veterans Today


Jim W. Dean – Finally we get a professional report giving a peek inside the Bitcoin exchanges to see how trading markets could be manipulated. 9 more words


TCK RADIO, Anthony Patch “A.I.: Life Was Given To the Image of the Beast” - Veterans Today


TradCatKnight Radio, Anthony Patch “A.I.: Life Was Given To the Image of the Beast” Talk given 1-16-18 (Aprx. 35 minutes) Special guest Anthony Patch joins me to discuss: latest with CERN, Google, “consciousness”, A.I., the “beast” supercomputer, crypto-currencies/blockchain, Mandela effect, counterfeit Herod’s Temple, nano-particles, brain-hacking, elevation of science to transcend faith itself?, the NWO push […] 9 more words


Trump—bullying, racist, obnoxious—is THE “Ugly American” - Veterans Today


Good luck to the US Ambassador to Nigeria, W. Stuart Symington, when he tries to explain Trump’s boorish racism to his angry hosts.

Vía Veterans Today http://ift.tt/2DjDUoQ


Syrian rebels urge US to ‘turn words into action’ and resume military aid - Veterans Today


The Free Syria Terrorist Army’s handlers have prepared a strategy to use in the halls of Congress, dovetailing into the Israel fear porn propaganda on Iran, with a new bogeyman scam to replace the failed fake Iranian nuclear weapons threat con. 22 more words


Ghost VA programs drive me nuts (rant)

My truck broke down and I can't get to appointments. I was expecting it for a while and told my psychiatrist it would probably happen. She of course has a response "oh well there are programs to provide transportation for you". 254 more words