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Remembering the The Good Fight on Memorial Day

As a veteran, I pause each Memorial Day to consider the many who have given their lives in service to their country. I have witnessed firsthand their dedication and commitment to, and their love for our country. 748 more words

Life Lessons

The Courage to Live

Some conversations linger after the person who whispered urgently in your ear, clasped your hand until your fingers hurt, has departed, eyes downcast, their pain hidden once again from the world. 918 more words

Pamela Foster

Brian's E-Journal - Memorial Day 201- "The Soldier"

The Soldier appeared again this year, just as he has over almost a hundred and fifty years.  The first reports of him showing up here in Pointer date back to 1868 when the first Decoration Day (now called Memorial Day) was held.   741 more words

World War II Orphans to Visit Hallowed Grounds of Netherlands American Cemetery Memorial Day Weekend

On May 8, 1945 the world celebrated the end of World War II in Europe, but for some young American children it represented the beginning of a lifetime without their fathers. 64 more words


workingman's dead ~ the grateful dead ~

another dead soldier weekend has rolled around once again. pretty much the only time anybody cares about wartime vets especially WW2, korean and vietnam vets these days. 543 more words


Why Are Palo Alto's Kids Killing Themselves?


Suicide clusters—defined as a group of three or more suicides in close time or geographic proximity—are exceedingly rare: There are an average of five per year in the United States. 461 more words