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Pet Dentistry

he American Veterinary Dental Society recommends a full dental cleaning every six months for your pet, just the same as your dentist recommends for you. Imagine what that cleaning procedure would be like for you if you did not brush your teeth at all between dental visits. 211 more words


Flea Prevention

Let’s face it—they’re everywhere. Fleas, that is. They’re so tiny, they’re often undetectable at first. So how do you protect your dog from flea bites, especially if he’s allergic? 309 more words

The Difference Between A $5,000 Horse and a $300-$1,500 Horse

Yesterday I called in the Veterinarian because Bae Bee had puffy eyes that were dripping a thick yellowish white ooze.  “It’s pink eye,” the Vet said.   557 more words


The Adventure of Duchess and her Broken Leg

So Duchess somehow managed to snap her leg in half. Bone protruding, the bottom part of her leg dangling free without any support, the whole deal. 570 more words

Dairy Goat Diaries

Hoofstock intern herds expansive experiences

Melanie Dittmer spent three months at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center as a hoofstock and behavior research intern, but she was motivated to see the scope of her experience grow. 1,287 more words

Geriatric Care

To help your best friend find comfort during its “Golden Years,” we provide a comprehensive program that includes complete physical exams, periodic blood tests, and monitoring of behavioral changes. 34 more words

Keeping Your Cat Happy

Provide Excellent Care
A happy life begins with a healthy life. Be sure your cat gets appropriate veterinary care, including vaccinations, dental care and regular checkups. 458 more words