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Good Dog, Bad Day

Today I experienced one of a vet student’s/veterinarian’s worst nightmares…an ill-behaved dog. The worst part? It was my dog.

For one of our labs we got to bring in our own dogs to learn non-invasive monitoring techniques, such as reading an ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, etc. 468 more words

My sweet girl

Yesterday my dog Rocky had a vet visit (just yearly vaccinations). She has a new veterinarian who is super mild mannered and nice! But she loved her old one , tail wagging and excited to see her every time ! 123 more words


Rectal Palpations in Cattle!!

It’s the first actual week of fourth year! So much has happened this week I thought I’d jolt down some things before I forget them. I say… 960 more words

Production Rotation

The past fortnight in production animal medicine was filled with endless challenges, both physical and mental. We were told upfront that we’d be treated as colleagues rather than students, and therefore needed to start thinking like real vets. 134 more words

Opened a fundraiser for my cat Rose

I am behind in my posting, I have a cat that isn’t feeling good, I am broke and opened a fundraiser for her so she can see her vet and get her mouth taken care of. 78 more words


A cute reminder

Look at these two adorable reminders we got from the vet. These are reminders for Indy and Sandy’s rabies vaccines. They already got theirs a few weeks ago when we took them to another veterinarian with Robin and Lego. 68 more words


Dental Check Ups ~ for doggie and kitty

Sophie, my 11 year-old Malti-Poo, and Beauty, my 12 year-old tortoise-shell cat, went for a dental cleaning. When I dropped them off, I placed my hand on the building and prayed for success in this surgery and for all the animals there, as well as staff. 233 more words