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An Introduction to the Ferret Fyfes

I will write more about the Fyfe Ferrets in a longer blog tomorrow.

You see, there is a large community of Fyfe Ferret Friends & Fans who was expecting our annual Canada Day video yesterday and it didn’t happen. 256 more words

Couch-Bunny Snuggle-Time!



Cheeks spent a lot of time relaxing yesterday. She’s certainly having a good time. Everyone in the house comes over to pet her and she puts her head right down. 189 more words


Summer Safety Tips for your Pets

Did you know that on a 73 degree day, the inside of a car can reach temperatures up to 100 degrees in just 15 minutes? 509 more words



“Maybe if I squint my eyes hard enough, it will still look like it’s the weekend.” – Cornelius

Managing Food Allergies in Pets

Food allergies are the third most common allergy that affects dogs and cats, outranked only by fleabites and inhaled allergens (e.g., pollen). Allergies to common food ingredients are also on the rise and now account for at least 30% of all allergy cases. 502 more words

Escape artist seeking comfort

So… It is now safe to say, or conclude, that No Food equals Veterinarian. I shall be better prepared next time!
To make it really, really short, I was shoved into the carrier, taken to the vet, was prodded and shaved in the presence of my human (I gave her a sad ‘Why?!’ look but it didn’t help). 228 more words


How Much Should I Be Exercising My Dog?

The amount of exercise your dog needs will depend on its breed and size. However, all dogs do need to participate in some type of exercise during the day. 221 more words

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