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Which vaccines should my pet receive?

Discuss with your veterinarian your pet’s lifestyle, access to other animals, and travel to other geographic locations, since these factors affect your pet’s risk of exposure to disease. 61 more words

Are any types of cat litter poisonous to cats?

Most kitty litter products are made out of organic materials such as bentonite clay or silica. These substances are considered to be chemically and biologically inert, and do not pose a toxic concern for pets. 60 more words

The Faces I Remember...

“There are faces I remember….” I am sure those are words to a song and in the last few days they keep running through my head. 1,027 more words


Behind The Exam Room Door - The Client

Do you have that one thing that fills your soul? That one thing, that no matter what, makes you content, happy, and warm inside. For some it maybe running, or holding a newborn baby, or taking a walk in the woods. 1,007 more words


ZIG Tips: Choosing a Vet

Are you a new pet parent? One of the most important things you need to look for is a trustworthy veterinarian. There may be a few vet clinics in your neighborhood, or you can search online for one. 640 more words


Holistic Veterinary Practices

Deborah Y. Strauss shares her latest!

As holistic practices become a growing trend in American’s lives, it’s path has started crossing over to the pets of animals lovers too. 376 more words

Deborah Y. Strauss

It Was Time

Well, it was finally time to euthanize Thumbs this morning.  He’d been on a bunch of medications, fluids, and in and out of the hospital for the last few weeks.   615 more words