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Pinky at the vet

Dr. Yang takes her away to run a series of tests. After a while, he returns with her hanging limply from his arm. Pinky is composed, resigned to her fate. 256 more words

Why I'm Skeptical of Veterinarians

My guess is there are good and bad veterinarians out in this great big world. Just like anyone. My hope is that a veterinarian starts down this life calling from a deep love of animals, but somewhere along the way I have encountered quite a few that seem to have different motives that have developed over time. 886 more words


Fill up your bucket...

Life takes a lot from everyone. As a veterinarian, both emotional and physical fatigue are present most of the time! I actually have not worked for realsies for three months now due to the ‘big move’ but the stress is ever present – Will I ever pass the practicals to enable me to be a veterinarian here in the US? 1,523 more words

Cases of highly contagious kennel cough spike in dogs on Oahu

An outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory disease known as kennel cough is infecting dogs on Oahu.

More than seven veterinarians and pet clinics around Oahu reported a spike in cases of kennel cough, and the majority of the cases are on the Windward side of Oahu in Kailua. 403 more words


Going to the vettie

As you all know, I have many animals and the waiting room is always full. Therefore I decided to bring three animals at the same time! 329 more words


It's Vet Appreciation Week

Veterinarians help keep our precious four legged beasts healthy but they are so much more than the medical experts that wanted some student loan debt.  Let’s take some time to appreciate our vets…they deserve it! 161 more words


'Girls aren't less than boys': Kabul's female veterinarians hope to cure inequality

A trio of vets in Afghanistan are braving bomb blasts and discrimination to head up an animal welfare practice and inspire a new generation of women… 183 more words