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How my Dog’s Food Impacts His Energy

A dog’s activity level is greatly impacted by his weight. Sadly, 53 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, making this the number one nutritional disease affecting our dogs today. 286 more words

Opinions vs Facts; What is a Theory?

As more and more people start learning from non-traditional sources, like the Internet, there will inevitably be more disagreements and arguments and often in the middle of these fights you will hear (or read) someone yell “Well that’s your OPINION!”. 597 more words


Will a brave Nutritionist/Dietitian please stand up?

I have some questions. I would like some independent, scientific, peer reviewed advice. I’m not interested in hearsay, myth, government/agri-industry/manufacturer backed studies, but some proper scientific research and point of views. 957 more words


A Visit to the Vet

On Monday I had to accompany Ms. Zulu to the vet. M thought that I could help Ms. Zulu calm her nerves. It’s not that Ms. 397 more words


Snooze and you lose

Been a busy one last week and this week is starting to look like the same. Nevertheless I’m back here to share yet another veterinary related post with the hopes of creating awareness. 495 more words


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Ohana Animal Hospital’s Guide to Being Prepared For Rattlesnake Season in the Livermore and Tri-Valley Area

The weather is finally starting to warm up around the Livermore and Tri-Valley areas. As the weather warms up we will likely start to hear about more rattlesnake encounters. 766 more words