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Senator Lawson Gives The Knockout Punch To Markell and the "We Know Best" Bunch!

Not sure how I missed this one, but on the day of the Delaware Governor Markell veto of the parent opt-out bill, House Bill 50, the Delaware State News wrote an article… 200 more words

Governor Markell

State Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf Will Not Vote For HB50 Veto Override, Cites SJR #2 As Reason

In an article today by Melissa Steele in the Cape Gazette, Delaware Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf emphatically said no to any type of veto override for House Bill 50. 438 more words

Governor Markell

Delaware Legislators, When Yvonne Talks, You Better Listen!!!! #REFUSETHETESTDELAWARE

The following came from the amazing but tough Delaware PTA Vice-President For Advocacy, the one and only Yvonne Johnson.  I will say no more, because Yvonne says it best: 675 more words

Governor Markell

Jack Markell, The People Of Delaware Spoke Out On Your Veto & Their Judgement Is Harsh! Legislators Beware...

A week ago today, Governor Jack Markell earned the wrath of thousands of Delawareans by vetoing the controversial House Bill 50, which does not ALLOW for opt-out, but HONORS a parent’s right to opt-out their child from statewide and district-wide assessments.  5,191 more words

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Delaware PTA Statement On House Bill 50 Parent Opt-Out Veto & Link To Petition For Legislators To Override Veto

Thanks to Dr. Terri Hodges, President of the Delaware PTA for letting me post this in it’s entirety from the Delaware PTA website.

A message from the State PTA President, Dr. 706 more words

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Veto override on Port Authority reform bill unlikely, sources say

TRENTON — A Democratic-led override of Gov. Chris Christie’s veto on the legislature’s Port Authority reform bill slated for a vote today is unlikely to be successful, sources say. 433 more words

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