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Shaved Calico Cat

For whatever reason, this year has been a rough one for the longhaired cats.  All the boys and Rhea have been having a lot of large hairballs, and Rhea even had a big wad of hair get stuck being pooped out and require a bath, and she was forming mats as well.   210 more words


The Superhero in Crisis: The quiet power of endurance (a meditation)

Some superpowers aren’t as showy as others, but they can be more important than the other gifts altogether. This especially goes for the simple ability to stand back up after taking a solid punch. 576 more words

4 Reason Why We Can't Forget About Female Vets

Picture Courtesy of Department of Defense.

Although females only made up 9.6% of America’s veteran population in 2016, that number is going up. According to the VA… 518 more words


CCTV in abattoirs: problem solved?

As a small part of my role as a research technician, I make weekly visits to an abattoir to collect blood for my biting fly colony. 588 more words


Social media for vet practices - Fracture or # ?

I first became familiar with the # when training as a veterinary nurse. The symbol appeared frequently as the practice saw a high number of emergency patients and there were the inevitable broken legs from dogs being hit by cars and the broken jaws and pelvis of the high-rise syndrome cats. 703 more words

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