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Pin-Ups for Vets

Pin-Ups for Vets


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Foot Problems in Sheep

Lameness affects most farms at some time or another. It can cause weight loss and poor condition in finishing lambs; poor libido and fertility in tups, and weight loss and poor milk production in ewes, all resulting in a loss of income. 366 more words


Refinancing a VA Loan - VA Loans For Vets

Information on refinancing a VA loan – there are a number of options you have available to you if you are interested in refinancing your VA loan.


VA Loan Eligibility - Do You Qualify for a VA Home Loan?

Read our VA Loan Eligibility FAQ.to find out if you meet the qualifications for a VA Home Loan, or call me – I can help you make the determination.


Brexit Catastrophisation Watch, Part 6 - Stay In The EU Or Kittens Will Die

Hysterical Remainiacs are now warning that Brexit will endanger the lives of the nation’s pets and farm animals

For the past four months, the British people have been subjected to some ridiculously childish hissy fits and the incessant catastrophisation of Brexit by self-regarding EU apologists in the media. 1,238 more words

UK Politics

What Hath God Wrought?

Donald Trump had better never, ever – ever! – talk about elections or the media being rigged against him. The final of three Presidential debates happens tonight, and thus far today, we have a giant bundle of embarrassing emails from John Podesta (or Moscow, it’s impossible to tell.) 1,611 more words


Leptospirosis in Cattle

Infection is associated with milk drop, abortion, weak calves and reduced fertility. As well as transfer from cattle, to cattle, it can be transferred to humans causing flu like illness. 327 more words