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Revoltech: 036 Macross VF-1S Roy Focker Valkyrie Action Figure

RevoltechJoint/“(or /“Revoltech/“)isaninnovativejointsystemthatallowsfiguretodemonstrateanykindofrealisticpose.ThisfigurecomesfromthehitanimeseriesMacross.Thefigureis5-6/“tallandhasmultiplearticulationpoints. /“RevoltechSuperValkyrie/“comesequippedwithinterchangeableweapons,headsandasetofinterchangeablehands.Revoltech:036MacrossVF-1SRoyFockerValkyrieActionFigure

Variable Fighters - The plausible next step in mecha mega-develepoment

With the results of the Sai Mecha semi-finals upon us, I’d like to take the time to take a look at one of of the powerhouses that dominated Sai Mecha and a well recieved mech among mecha fans, The Variable Fighters of… 389 more words


Yamato VF-1S Max and Roy Have Same Off-White Color

One of our readers asked if the VF-1S Max DYRL and VF-1S Roy DYRL have the same white color.  Yep, they do! 15 more words


Yamato's 1/48 scale VF-1S Transformable Valkyrie Roy Focker

Yamato just re-issued the 1/48 scale VF-1S, both Roy Focker’s and Hikaru’s! Since I like Roy’s black/yellow paint scheme more than Hikaru’s black/red paint scheme, I got Roy’s VF-1S. 164 more words