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Veterans For Peace Statement Calling for Columbus Day to be Replaced with Indigenous Peoples' Day

Statement by Veterans For Peace national office


Veterans For Peace believes that the federal holiday commemorating the arrival of
Christopher Columbus to the “New World” is an affront to Indigenous peoples everywhere and particularly to native peoples of the Americas. 456 more words

Peace Activism

Drones Quilts get great press in Connecticut

Drones Quilt Project on display at Norwalk Public Library

By Kaitlyn Krasselt, The Hour, Norwalk, CT

At first glance, the patchwork quilt looks like any other, with its carefully sewn squares and bright colors. 526 more words

The peace boat Golden Rule sails into a new era of nuclear activism

This article originally appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July 25, 2016.

by Dawn Stover

Dwarfed by the ships from the US Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the US Coast Guard that visited Portland, Oregon, for Fleet Week last month, the 30-foot-long Golden Rule looked like it was from another era. 1,570 more words

Peace Activism

From Veterans for Peace Southampton.

Veterans for Peace Southampton is slowly coming together and has formed some useful links with other organizations along the South Coast.

Late May saw a flurry of last minute invitations to take part in various events which VFP members attended. 325 more words


Speech given by Sabrina, Mothers Day 2016

Thank you for being here today. I am grateful to people like you who will help veterans like me continue to have safe spaces to share our stories. 663 more words

Education Not Militarization

Thanks for Your Service, but Don't Tell the Kids About It (We Need Them to Enlist)

The deceptive claims made by my recruiter were part of my motivation to visit high schools in lower-income towns and help educate students about the particular ways they might be misled by the recruiters in their schools’ hallways.

2,425 more words
Peace Activism

From the Huffington Post

Gary Trosclair writes in an article called, “From PTSD to Peace: An Inspirational Story”

I’ve written in this blog previously about the possibility that growth and resilience can follow in the wake of crisis and trauma. 50 more words