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After Effects - All Stars Credits (pt.1)

Now that Tix the robot has been completed and put to one side, Peter explained what we’d be getting involved with next *drum roll please*. With the skills we would learn today, we’d all create our own personal credit roll for an actor, a character etc, between 3 and 9 seconds long. 469 more words


Under the skin effects

In VFX I have been working towards making an effect that would make it seem as if there was a light source underneath the skin as well as something moving under it to give a sort of sci-fi/horror concept behind it. 271 more words


Final VFX Project

In VFX we have been asked to think of an end of year project using special effects. My idea is to have a character stood on top of a cliff above a futuristic/ sci-fi like city. 176 more words


After Effects Rigging - Animation with Expressions (Pt.3)

This post comes a week late (apologies), I didn’t want to discuss last weeks lesson (which was purely spent animating) without anything to show for it. 314 more words


VFX Project

For VFX We need to plan a project. This project is to consist of a short clip ranging from 5-15 seconds in length. We have to have some original footage which in my case will be  me jumping across the Grand canyon I plan on making it post apocalyptic and doing a sky replacement and adding fires and a lava flow at the bottom of the canyon.

After Effects Project

In our VFX lesson today we started thinking about what we would do for a project. We all watched clips from games and movies to get ideas, and some people began storyboards. 88 more words