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After Effects - Expressions

I must admit, following the pattern of previous weeks, I was expecting to walk in today and be looking at planar tracking. I’m now a little disappointed as this isn’t the case, today we’d be focusing on expressions in AE. 506 more words


Silhouette Designs

The silhouette is one of the simplest forms of portraying an image. One colour, one shape, one image.

See, you can clearly tell that this is a hand. 164 more words


Artist research

Patrick Woodroffe was an English artist.

Just a little bit of artist research. So Peter said when we have time to check out this guy. I have been searching the web when I stumbled across this beautiful surreal painting. 151 more words

Concept Art

After Effects - Expressions

We looked at something completely different in our VFX class today – I hadn’t realised that coding could also be done in After Effects, which is something that really interests me. 591 more words


After Effects bouncing

In Todays lesson with Pete we made a bouncing ball using code. The code wasn’t written by us though. The code was given to us by Pete. 215 more words


Working with expressions

Today in Peters lesson we will be working with expressions. He did at first introduce us to Mocha. Which I’ll have to do a little research on to understand It further. 205 more words


Ident Planning

Our 3D teacher has given us a class project (to be done in class time but can be done outside by choice) where we need to create a little intro called an Ident. 149 more words

Game Design