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Old Tape VFX

I did some VFX practise with my webcam i wanted to make a video look like an old tape like from Resident Evil 7 (I get a lot of inspiration from the game). 92 more words

Double Exposure : Porfolio

The first step to creating my portfolio introduction was to record some footage in front of a green screen as we could key out the green screen using key-light 1.2 and messing about with the the smoothness as well as tweaking the clip black and clip white values to completely key out the green screen, scrubbing through the footage to make sure it was completely gone all the way through. 415 more words



In Adobe After Effects, I further improved on the video I made early by adding a background and text to it while duplicating the video used to create the silhouette and making it transparent as well as cutting it so the video played beneath it while showing the original video used to make the silhouette as well.


VFX | Intro Title Card

Here is my latest work in VFX which is my title card for my Portfolio’s intro. I used minor use of Double Exposure to have the sky coming out of my jacket, which I thought would fit due to the colour of it. 107 more words


After Effects

Today I did my first lesson on after effects which is basically an animation program which allows me to use different pictures to create different effects. 81 more words


Day 013 - Clean Plates

So today we continued with Rotoscoping but with a focus on backplate cleanup. This is very common for a roto/prep artist to do and involves removing lens dust, rigging, camera crew and anything else that shouldn’t be in the shot. 248 more words