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Understanding Motion Blur: Part 2

In the first part of this post I talked about how motion blur works in reality. In this part, I’ll discuss motion blur in terms of computer graphics and our attempt to mimic the real world phenomenon. 1,307 more words

How to Make the Lightsaber Effect

Become a Jedi. Digitally.

Make a lightsaber effect in After Effects! Now you can make it look like your friends are using real light sabers.  17 more words


Thanos a facial animation break down. 


Here is a facial animation breakdown of Thanos in Marvel’s summer blockbuster Avengers Age of Ultron … Showing the facial deformations and blend shapes with building up the scene and its elements …


Digital Characters with Motion Capture

What is the MoCap? What are markers? How Davy Jones or Smaug are created?

For these and other questions, in this video, we take a look at the technique of Motion Capture (or MoCap ), a method of high interaction between man and technology that allows to capture the movements of people and objects and turn them into digital 3D information. 98 more words