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[Oneshot][Taegi] Bạn Thân

Oneshot: Bạn thân
Author: Yeonie
Couple: Taegi
Thể loại: Pink, HE
Tình trạng: Hoàn

“Taehyung à, tôi đối với cậu là gì vậy?” 4,091 more words


Chiếm Hữu Em - Chương 6


Sau 10 phút đạp xe hồng hộc đến muốn nôn cả phổi ra ngoài, cuối cùng YoonGi cũng về được tới nhà.

“Jung… Jungkook à… mở cửa giùm… giùm hyung với.” – cậu lấy điện thoại ra gọi cho Jungkook nhờ nó mở cửa hộ, do bản tính đãng trí mà cậu lại để quên chìa khóa trong nhà rồi. 1,433 more words


The Science Of Planets, Episode 1

The Science Of Planets:  Introduction

Greetings, students, and welcome to this introductory course.  I am Elder Kh’preng, Servant of the Web, former envoy of the Crystal Confederation, and your teacher here today. 280 more words


[Linux] Screen Brightness Adjustments

Due to lack of brightness adjustment in LXDE

redfish [~]$ sudo apt-get install xbacklight
redfish [~]$ xbacklight -set 40

# 40 is the scale compared to this level
# use man xbacklight for detail.


Bootstrapping an Amiga 2000 Graphics Card Because Vintage is Pricey

If you have a computer on your desk today, the chances are that it has an Intel architecture and is in some way a descendant of the IBM PC. 480 more words

Classic Hacks

A Comparison of Early Graphics Cards

We have to admit, we expected to be bored through ’s presentation, only to stay riveted through his comparison of early graphic card technology. 136 more words

Classic Hacks

Making up a chatty console screen on oracle enterprise linux 7

A lot of people, including me obviously, prefer to follow down the details of a boot process on a text console of oe linux. Unfortunaltely, populating such a detailed output is not the default setting after a fresh install of the operating system. 961 more words