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QEMU - main-loop: WARNING: I/O thread spun for 1000 iterations

When upgrading the virtual machine I use, I stumbled upon an issue where the guest OS would hang every time when performing any kind of heavy hard drive I/O. 74 more words


Video Standards Are More Than Video Signals

The number of hours we spend staring at screens is probably best unknown, but how about the technology that makes up the video on the screen? 2,091 more words


Chapter 3=Tối Hôm Sau=

p/s : à lưu ý một chút trướt khi vào fic này đối với Vga shipper nhé ..mình có hứa là chap này là Suga x V … nhưng mà cách yêu của mỗi người với V là khác nhau , và cả cách nhìn nhận cũng vậy. 3,681 more words

BTS Fanfic

Q&A: Converting Mini DisplayPort output

Q How would the image quality differ between converting Mini DisplayPort output to VGA or HDMI input? How good is software support for mirror or two-screen display? 191 more words



A Digital HDMI cable will carry video and audio, unlike analogue, VGA-cables video only. But things aren’t simple as that nowadays when pairing computers and consumer electronics. 22 more words


Spit Out VGA with Non-Programmable Logic Chips

It’s not uncommon to bitbang a protocol with a microcontroller in a pinch. I2C is frequently crunched from scratch, same with simple serial protocols, occasionally complex systems like Ethernet, and a whole host of other communication standards. 232 more words