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You’re Out of Bullets: Dirty Harry Calls it a Day with The Dead Pool

The archetypal vigilante hangs up his holster in Eastwood’s fifth and final Dirty Harry sequel

When last we saw Dirty Harry in 1983’s Sudden Impact… 2,828 more words


Nostalgia's the Word: Reliving Those Happy Days of Grease

You know the word, and it ain’t the bird

Musicals. Once they were the biggest thing in Hollywood, the ultimate example of how popular cinema could delight and transport. 3,322 more words

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Conformity, Corsets and Chaos: Picnic At Hanging Rock

Peter Weir’s landmark New Wave drama remains as haunting as ever

When Australia was first colonised by the British in 1788, The Empire was at the beginning of its ambitious, and destructive, policy of making the world like Britain. 2,650 more words

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Practical Magic: Assimilating John Carpenter's The Thing

Exploring the visual majesty of John Carpenter’s finest achievement

John Carpenter is the ultimate example of an indie filmmaker. His best movies are typically humble productions that rely on creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity rather than big bucks extravaganza, and on the rare occasions he has been backed by major studios he has seemed rather less comfortable. 3,580 more words


Star Spangled Rage: Race, Riots and Social Inequality in Joel Schumacher's Falling Down

Crawling under the skin of Schumacher’s seething satire on the inherent ills of modern society

Of all the antiheroes in modern American cinema, very few are as conflicted as Michael Douglas’ buttoned-down time bomb Bill Foster, an everyman pushed to the brink by a society gone rotten. 2,973 more words

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When Carpenter Met Craven: Halloween H20's Unholy Alliance

Carpenter meets Craven, but not as you’d hoped

I have a real issue with Halloween: H20, several in fact, but the most pressing is its use of the… 2,860 more words

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Sweetest Tongue Has Sharpest Tooth: Fearing and Falling for The Company of Wolves

Going down to the woods for a majestic fairy tale of frightening splendour

Once upon a time…

… it was an early springtime night, somewhere in the South East of England. 4,169 more words