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subject to change by nrthebyrom

like the boxes i gotta pack to move. i hate moving. i hate packing. but i have no choice. life means change, and i have to change….. 776 more words

Just Because

who will be our father now? pt. 1

this morning i watched the funeral of nelson mandela. i missed the first two hours, which kinda bummed me out but i was blessed when i was able to tune in. 945 more words

Poems And Not Quite Poems

thanks but no thanksgiving

anyone who knows me knows i don’t do holidays. i don’t celebrate them. i am one of a handful of people i know who doesn’t, which means i know more people that do and don’t give a single solitary tryptophan overdosed f*ck that i don’t. 1,806 more words

Via Con Dios

excuse me ma'am... did you pay to die here

or some other such nonsense. 

so yesterday, i had to work a funeral, and on the way home, another staff member (who is also my god sister) asked if i’d signed up for obama care. 1,426 more words

Just Because


Nervous about the GRE tomorrow. Nerves, anxiety, panic is all fear. Fear is not of you. I release it. Before we go deeper tonight, thank you for the love, the light, the grace that surrounds me. 95 more words

Just Because

I let you make me ugly

Tonight i learned something very important about myself. God has been trying to teach me this lesson for at least two decades….let’s just say i’m a slow learner. 525 more words

Poems And Not Quite Poems

keeping it to myself

i am by no stretch of the imagination, a motormouth. in fact, i believe the opposite is true. i’m introverted and quiet in most situations. i don’t necessarily like to talk alot or be engaged in conversation. 657 more words

Just Because