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Val d'Orcia, Italy.

Once upon a time there were a linguist, a psychologist and a translator who decided to take a car and see what Tuscany had to show them: the amazing Val d’Orcia. 697 more words


Assisi, Italy

Assisi is a spiritual pearl in the Umbria region.
The region is called “The heart of Italy” for its central position in the Peninsula.
The Italian nobel-prize winner Giosuè Carducci called it “Umbria Verde” (Green Umbria) and he was so right. 335 more words


Sentire a Casa

As I spend more and more time in Roma, the more and more it feels like home.

Yesterday, instead of spending time exploring the nooks and crannies of the city with friends like I normally do, I took the bus home after school and stopped at a… 687 more words


Bulgaria: Exploring Sofia

As I mentioned in one of my previous post about some interesting facts about Bulgaria, when I say where I come from, I can clearly see that most people are not very familiar with my country. 525 more words


Torino, Italy.

Che non me ne vogliano i Romani, ma Torino sarebbe stata – senza alcun dubbio – la degnissima capitale di un’Italia repubblicana o monarchica.
Ricordo di essermi infatuato di Torino alla tenera età di 14 anni: una gita di tre giorni in quarta ginnasio fu galeotta. 627 more words


Trieste, Italy.

A special city in the North-East of Italy.
A fierce and elegant town that has (irrationally) stolen a huge part of my heart since the very first day. 562 more words


Arte, cultura e natura. E buona tavola. Ecco Stoccarda.

Chi arriva in Baden-Württemberg non può mancare di visitare Stoccarda, l’ospitale, cosmopolita e vivace capoluogo del Land. Conosciuta come culla dell’automobile, Stoccarda è  un must… 424 more words