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My partner in crime-Vibram

During my recovery from lupus induced transverse myelitis, I discovered what I called my second feet, when I started physio, I was on wheel chair, then gradually I moved to walker, then front wheel walker and then finally to a walking stick, but I still had problem controlling my big toe in right foot, it will somehow go over my second toe, that make walking a complex task, not only I had to force my legs to move in right direction but I also had to keep my big toe in its place. 225 more words

The Furoshiki shoes by Masaya Hashimoto

Italian footwear company Vibram recently released a pair of shoes that literally wrap around your foot. The idea came from Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, who took his inspiration from the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki. 81 more words


Wolverine Goes Curling To Announce Arctic Grip Partnership With Vibram

Coming up with a creative way to show a product innovation isn’t easy, but Wolverine Worldwide nailed it in announcing its new partnership with Vibram: curling. 307 more words

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On the street… Jung Yongjin Seoul

Hat | Kijima Takayuki
Jacket | Topman
Pants | Topman
Shoes | Vibram

On the street… Jung Yongjin Seoul


Is the minimalist/barefoot concept a FRAUD?

Is the minimalist trend, the whole BAREFOOT concept, a FRAUD?

The whole concept of minimalism was born from the book, Born to Run, by McDougall. Most runners have read the book and list it as one of the must-read books for a runner. 716 more words

Walk a Mile Without a Man's Shoes

Barefoot, or minimalist, footwear took off in 2009, loosely, with the Vibram FiveFingers.  Almost overnight, fanatics in the running world embraced the minimalist movement and Vibrams suddenly captured over 2% of the market – which is a lot when you’re talking an industry with about… 885 more words


Rant: Boots with zips, really?

I like a nice pair of boots. Not because I have any particular need for the ruggedness, but because I like their look, their no messing sturdiness, and well, just because. 750 more words