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WiMER4A is the wireless transmitter for Mitutoyo digital protractor 950-318.

Working together with WiMER4A, 950-318 readings can be wirelessly viewed and collected on iPhone/iPad/Windows PC! 16 more words

Motionics WiMER Series 1

WiMER-1 is a wireless measurement device connecting to digital instruments. It reads Mitutoyo digital micrometer/dial/caliper readings and communicates wirelessly with iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing user to view real-time plot directly on the screen of iPhone/iPad. 93 more words

Motionics BlueDial

No more hassle of cables and connectors, BlueDial is the solution for wireless measurement of displacement. BlueDial integrates Mitutoyo digimatic dial indicator with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. 170 more words

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Motionics BLEndicator

BLEndicator is a wireless test indicator with remote readout. With its compact design, BLEndicator can fit into a borehole as small as 1.5″ dia. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, stylus movement can be directly read out on iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows PC, making it easier and faster to take measurements at hard to read locations. 66 more words

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Who We Are

Motionics, LLC was born in February of 2011 in Austin, Texas to develop new technologies for diagnostics, monitoring, and advanced vibration analysis of rotating machinery. Another expertise of Motionics is educational products including software and hardware for engineering and technical applications. 41 more words

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Case of Missing Gear Mesh Frequency


“Why don’t we see the Gear Mesh Frequency (GMF) on the output side of a splash lubricated slow speed gear box?”

This is quite puzzling since common sense dictates that such peaks should be present. 457 more words


Course Structure for Vibration Level 3 Analyst

Vibration Principles: (1 hour)
  • Basic Motion
  • Period, Frequency
  • Amplitude (Peak, Peak-to-Peak, RMS)
  • Measurements (Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration)
  • Units, Unit Conversions
  • Time Orbital and Frequency Domains
  • Vectors, Modulation…
  • 352 more words