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Vibration Analysis To Assess The Need For Repairs

PureAire Monitoring Systems has broken from the norm utilizing disposable sensor cells, and possesses introduced the groundbreaking technology of the 10+ year maintenance free sensor. 438 more words

Vibration Monitoring Equipment : Detecting the Possible Failure of Machinery in Advance

Vibration monitoring systems are used to decrease the operating cost of a plant by reducing its maintenance cost and the instances of unplanned outages. These systems are also utilized for the optimization of various maintenance activities during planned shutdowns. 545 more words


When Engineers fail to detect bearing failures?

It is not unusual to see condition based maintenance engineers engaged in vibration monitoring and analysis, sometimes miss detection of bearing damage. This usually happens with pumps and agitators. 454 more words


Oscillations at Severn Crossing

The important frequencies of whole structures and of machines, in general, are mostly less than 50 cycles per sec and rarely more than 500 cycles per sec. 191 more words


Negative Stiffness and Instability

The idea of negative stiffness might appear at first glance to be counter intuitive but that is what happens often to machinery in the real world. 282 more words


Update: Vibration Data Collection Using iPhone with the VibraTestPro App

Record and see the vibration data in less than 1 minute! Our VibraTestPro app gets a new update for vibration data recording.

This video demonstrates how to collect vibration accelerometer raw data using iPhone and an external accelerometer with Motionics VibraTestPro App. 238 more words


New RedVector Series: Applied Vibration Analysis

RedVector is proud to announce the release of a brand new series on vibration analysis.  The series includes eight half-hour, mobile-ready courses providing learners with the information they need to analyze machine vibrations to determine issues that may eventually contribute to machine breakdown. 222 more words