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A letter to my brother

Dear Sky,

This week marks the first week of what’s about to be the greatest most inspiring and eye-opening 4 years of your life. When you hugged me goodbye I had a thousand mixed feelings. 1,042 more words


Be Open To Change

It is important to be open to change and go with its flow. It is important to not resist the inevitable.

When we resist change, it is from a place of fear. 142 more words


We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of Our Universe

Dolores Cannon ~ We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of Our UniverseAugust 26, 2016

Posted by Angelstoyou, 08/26/2016

Dolores Cannon’s career has spanned over 4 decades, during which time she has worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions. 1,777 more words


Who is speaking?

When the self speaks to the self, who is speaking?

A Positive Balance...

So this past week has been a bit strange for me… and by strange I mean different. In a good way!

I’ve been gradually reading more and more books that help achieve life balance and recently stumbled on the law of attraction. 602 more words

Summon The Power Of The Universe

Summoning The Qi

Take a look at a few Japanese anime animations.  One theme which is hugely popular is of what I can only describe as ‘Summoning the Qi’ (chi).  467 more words


Is it Too Hard to Be Happy?

I was visiting with a young woman, recently, and she was complaining of having a bad day. When I greeted her that morning, she started off by complaining about being tired. 1,350 more words

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