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You Really Can

The *ONLY* difference between yourself and Anybody Else You have Ever Admired for Doing Something “Amazing” is that They BELIEVED they could do it.

#truestory… 433 more words

Podcast: The Wheel

In today’s podcast, we take a spin on the Wheel of Fortune. I discuss the Law of Attraction and contrast. Contrast, like a wheel, is a powerful tool. 198 more words



Feeling God really close these days.

If I could transform all of my energy,  my flesh, my blood, my skin, my bones and my everything into that, unshakable, invincible, indestructible focus and concentration… 14 more words


Your attitude makes all the difference

Always keep your playful attitude! Life is supposed to be FUN and ENJOYED!

How To Allow

An intro to Fae Life

We share this living space in, on and around Mother Earth with other realms.  Like radio frequencies sharing the same air space, we are only one of a plethora of species here on earth. 466 more words


How To Tell The Difference Between Ego and Spirit

Is it me or is it spirit?

Good question!

Most of the time when people are starting out with their intuitive work and connecting with spirit, the question of is that just me or is that spirit comes up in their minds. 447 more words


Self pity

Today I feel lost. I feel powerless. I feel invisible.

Have you ever had that moment when you tell somebody something that happened to you and they don’t believe you? 333 more words