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Are You Talking To Me?

Some say there is no greater lesson than the lesson life can present. Usually it comes with no instruction manual and ultimately no instructor. This would leave someone , if they’re anything like me with the sentiment, “Now how do I work around this?” After a few strokes of deliberation, you begin to realize the first step in aligning one’s self with that which they desire is to properly communicate it. 224 more words


12 Things You Can Do Right Now to Raise Your Energy [Part 1]

We are all energetic beings living in a physical body, and we all have our own unique vibration or frequency. Like blood, our frequency is our signature, and we leave traces of our energy everywhere we go and in everything we do. 670 more words


To Speak or Not to Speak

Be careful what it is you’re speaking over your life. What you say you are is what you become. Words are spiritual and often we invite negative energies into our space simply by speaking it into existence. 35 more words

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The Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration



Published on Mar 4, 2015

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” → Nikola Tesla… 186 more words

Imagination (Part 2)

As we have seen in previous article, our current perception gives us very limited reality. Only one realm, the physical is what we know.

Our senses work on a certain frequency. 232 more words



For years I had pondered upon this mystery. It almost seems fantastical. What exactly is that?

The pictures of flying dragons to flying cars, literally everything can be produced in mind. 407 more words



Because I have had this thought to give up coffee for a week now. I remember counting how many cups I had yesterday. (it was 2. 84 more words