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Vibrating Bond

That’s it…maybe the reason we meet certain people and establish such close bonds is because our energy vibration vibrate at the same frequency and the universe conspires to unit those vibration/beings. 98 more words

Being in Balance by Wayne Dyer - Chapter 6

Being in Balance by Wayne Dyer – Day by day thoughts on this extraordinary book

“9 Principles for creating habits that match your Desires”

Day 7: Chapter 6 –  407 more words


As a lover of etymology. I have to point out the meta in metamorphosis and metaphysics …

described as being of Greek origin as a prefix representing “among”  “after” and “beyond” such as beyond or after the…

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Unexpected Money Gratitude 


The other day I read in Pam Grouts blog about someone saying the affirmation “Unexpected money comes to me everyday ”

What have I got to lose I said to myself?

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Law Of Attraction

Reincarnation & Near Death Experience

This podcast will discuss the topics of Near Death Experiences and the work of Dr. Raymond Moody, past life regression and the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, as well as Reincarnation and how it helps to explain the unexplained events in our lives and the world around us. 20 more words

Témoignage d'un praticien énergétique

Très beau témoignage. Le courage d’être soi-même, sans penser au jugement des autres… et ça fait du bien… à soi-même… et aux autres.

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