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Why meditation is important

Meditation can mean different things for different people. For some it is a simple way of relaxation and clearing their minds while for others it is a way to spiritual enlightenment. 280 more words


Law of Attraction

When the now famous book The Secret came out around 10 years ago I tried intently to understand it and apply the lessons in the book in my life. 481 more words


Muse Memes: Let Your Light Shine Bright

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. When I have a goal I wish to achieve– one that is aligned with my desires and intentions, I will act on it… 139 more words


I thought I was having a heart attack ...

Ever since I bought my new cell phone case I’ve had trouble hearing my ring tones and other alerts. It’s rather padded so I think it muffles the sound in some way. 113 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Getting Clear

Our life is not determined by the things we do but by the decisions we make. On the surface those may seem exactly the same, but in essence they aren’t. 221 more words

The Self

Spiritual Aspects of Childhood Cancer

This post answers questions from a reader named Jolanda, who recently had a young boy in her family diagnosed with cancer. They’re a health-conscious family and they are in shock over the diagnosis. 2,342 more words

Questions & Answers

Love vs. Hate

Good and evil, love and hate, happy and sad, light and dark… they all seem like perfect opposites, but this is not quite true. The opposite of Light is not dark. 732 more words

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