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Out With The Old, In With The New (Earth)

There is not one day that goes by where I am not learning something or something clicks in my head and I get that ah-ha moment. 291 more words


Choosing Appreciation in the Contrast

Sometimes you can’t start out in full appreciation you just woke up, you’re hardly awake to this new life, and you’re barely alive.  You really don’t want to hit the ground running.  406 more words


Manifesting better Relationships

The relationships that you are experiencing are a reflection of your vibrational stance.  At times you may lose harmony with others.  Sometimes you meet someone that you will instantly connect to or completely repel.   1,378 more words



What Frequency does one exude to get coded? Does this resonate or sound too scientific. Let’s understand what frequency is and how one gets coded? 1,258 more words


The Path of Least Resistance

What is the path of least resistance?

It is what feels BEST, what is most appealing to you, and what is emotionally attractive to you.  This path is so easy when you are in alignment.   1,917 more words


Smooth Jazz

We were created from vibration, sound, music.  Contemporary smooth jazz is relaxing and sensual.  Allow the music to take you within youself, the physical representation of the Uni-verse.



The encounter

Sometimes, we write stories. Sometimes, stories write us.

It is easy concentrating on the calming vibrations of my feet hitting the hard concrete walkway. The gray matter under my feet feels almost alive, giving an odd sensation spreading from my feet and disappearing at my stomach. 698 more words