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Returning to Barad and Merleau-Ponty quotes above […we are of the world…] […plunge into the world…] – we plunge into our objects and things in our workshops. 233 more words


Feedback Cycles

Feedback cycles – sound through material. Using transducers in place of standard loudspeakers enables the user to investigate the acoustic properties of a material or object – a transducer physically vibrates a surface or thing in order to produce sound. 195 more words


Springs and Coils

Springs and coils. The alteration from a single line of material with turns and twists and repetitions of those enables that material to now enter the electromagnetic sphere. 180 more words


Abraham Hicks - Ask Emotionally not Verbally ~ April 22, 2017

Words of advice that are just so true! Please listen, understand how we feel affects our vibrations…and it all stems from just that, HOW WE FEEL. 11 more words


Man, 2016 was rough.  It would be dumb to explain everything that happened and how difficult it was.  Just know that it sucked and my wife and I’s lives were temporarily wrecked by it. 1,037 more words

Brad Himel

A Closer Look At Failure

What is failure?

Who decides whether we have, indeed, failed?

Who wrote your definitions of success and failure?

Was it you? Was it your parents? Your teachers? 1,233 more words