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Oxygen and Energy

Forget the money.  The mansions and Ferrari’s and designer handbags for a minute.  Just think of what it would feel like to live a life of peace, of harmony with everyone and everything around you… even if nothing changed.   331 more words

Self Development

Keep the Peace in the Bedroom with a Snore Stopping Sleep Mask

Despite what my wife says, I have absolutely no evidence that I snore. After all, I’ve never actually heard me snoring. But I’ll take her word for it that I do, and that it bothers her, so perhaps I should be a sport and build… 193 more words

Misc Hacks

My Rhythm and Meter

My poetic rhythm is in resonance with the vibration of my heart!

It syncs with inconsistencies of emotions

Sometimes it’s ‘la di da… 200 more words

Tone Irregularities

Two hearts


A vibrating string


Connects two hearts

Blood red


Like struck forks

Perfect pitch

Mellifluous in its intimacy

Tremulous in its beauty

It is the deep music… 53 more words


Sound Wave

Beat of gong

Gone backwards

Un-beat of gong

Rhythm going forwards?

Backward going


Ever gone?


©K Barr

What Do You Believe?

Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”  ~Lewis Carroll

For many believing in something can be a sword and a shield.  255 more words


Witchcraft & Raising Vibrations

I think we’ve all read accounts of witches identifying as “white” or “dark” witches. I’ve really never given that much mind, as I had always connected those terms with magick. 814 more words