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Venus by Frankie Avalon



Energy Seeks Awareness

In simple terms, your life is what you focus on.

However, the term “energy seeks awareness” allows me to see a very clear vision of what that looks like, which helps me to further integrate this truth. 1,067 more words


Who Can You Count On?

When there is a crisis in your life, who do you turn to? Who will be there helping you before you ask? While you are thinking about those questions, let me share a very personal story. 659 more words

A Better Life


Unnanounced in the cities spring up
Unattended eddies in the flow
Hiding quiet and held in check
By solitary walkers whose paths
Attain the force of stone… 106 more words


Eye Of The Storm

You know the intensity of the wreck

With the falling pieces of my pride

I try and try, to hold my chin up

But what can stop the storm on which I now ride… 119 more words


Manifest Monday: Energy, Frequency, & Vibration

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

We are all composed of energy, frequency, and vibrations.

537 more words
Conscious Living

Slow Down & Focus on Making Life Changes That Last

When you make changes in your lifestyle, it is best to take it slowly. When we look at living a High Vibe Life, some are already on this path and for others this is something new. 380 more words

Holistic Modalties