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The Thing about the Eyes

Closing one’s eyes comes naturally, especially while chanting a mantra.


However, one needs to watch out against this natural reflex while chanting NamMyoHoRengeKyo. 


NamMyoHoRengeKyo (NMHRK) seems to be about connection and spreading outwards, such being the need of the hour.  160 more words

That's Us Coming In

The Buddhas : That’s us coming in.

UN : What do you mean?

The Buddhas : You do provide us the means.

UN : The means for what? 162 more words

A Short Hypothesis of the Fall of Man

A hypothesis of the fall of man:

In the book of Genesis we witness the fall of man. Before the fall Genesis records man ability to walk with God person to person. 154 more words

Lemons, Goldilocks and Happiness 4-16-2018

The story of Goldilocks tells of her getting things just right. And the story of making lemonade when life gives you nothing but lemons may be about creating good in the middle of bad.   748 more words


The Energetic Body- Understanding the Chakras

As a curious seeker of knowledge with a preference for anything alternative or out of the ordinary, i’m always on the look out for new perspectives, ideas and concepts to muster. 1,270 more words

How to create custom vibration pattern ringtones for iPhone

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

iOS offers a myriad of ways to customize your iPhone and it can be easy to look past some handy options. Follow along for how to create custom vibration patterns for phone calls. 244 more words


The Light

The Light at the end of the tunnel is YOU!