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Our natural condition is freedom. It is our origin. 88 more words


Raise your vibrations instantly

As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

By vibrating on high frequencies you can achieve among other things being joyful, happy, stimulated, focused on present moment, creative, aware and so on. 276 more words


Petty Sh*t

You know the feeling when someone is discussing something negative and you’re like why is this even an issue. They’re giving so much emphasis on what their boyfriend thought about their dress, what their work mate said about their project, what unpleasant color walls their otherwise dream house had, or the state of their hair do in the middle of a fun night. 343 more words

Authentic Lifestyle

The Vibration of our Environment

“… as inside so outside…” – and of course vice versa. 😊
We may reject it, but will not escape it. 339 more words


Good Morning

(Enter this blog with love.) He

Good morning and welcome to California. This morning the air, the light, and the people all have a tranquility about them. 113 more words

How to know the level of your vibration

Always remember that the level of your vibration depends on your thoughts. As long as your thoughts are on a positive level, then your vibration remains on high frequencies. 215 more words