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I want it. I need it. I believe in it… so… why is it not happening?

I skim read an online article today titled, Why do things take so long to manifest?:  http://in5d.com/why-do-things-take-so-long-to-manifest/  This was a good question!  In the past, I’d often asked myself this. 460 more words

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The vibration of joy in every step.

A Facebook conversation inspired this meditation. Let each step be in the vibration of joy such that every step brings that vibration into the world. 15 more words

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Trust the Flow

“If a train doesn’t stop at your station, then it’s not your train.” – Marianne Williamson

Ever felt like you were trying so hard to move in one direction, but you were blocked?

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Your dream AND your life.

When you hear the word, dream… what do you associate this word with?  A nighttime dream?  Or a personal daytime dream?  A wish… a goal… fantasy… a life purpose… a memory or legacy to leave? 1,015 more words

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Questions About Energy Alignment Music

Question:     I had a couple questions about the energy alignment music that I am using for group meditations that your perspective may be helpful with. 371 more words