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Your Vibration is Your Abundance

Your vibration is your abundance.
And you can monetize it (yes), you can monetize it so that it will come through – but we do not want you to limit the ways that abundance comes into your experience. 82 more words

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They are looking for You

Recognize that there are many out there who are looking for You – they are looking for You.
They are not looking for someone like you – they are looking for You. 66 more words

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Error Message

Lastnight I had a dream about customer service. Someone was really pissed they could not view the crystals I have for sale on my website. I can see the error message from my dream right now. 116 more words


Processing in this Body of Light

Yesterday I did something fun, I went to an Aura-Soma session and met another practitioner who is following the inspiration of her inner prompting in a beautiful way. 518 more words


ZEN GARDNER - Allowing The Vibrational Change - in5d.com - 4-30-15


by Zen Gardner


Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing. 1,135 more words


Daily Inspirational Banner 3

Incredible speech, sent chills up my spine. I turned one of the quotes into the banner below. So very true. How many times do we think, but not feel? 31 more words


Will I Have a Child, and Will It Be the Soul I Aborted?

This post is inspired by questions from an Anonymous reader who recently had an abortion and wants to know if she’ll ever have children. The Council says yes, this is planned for. 1,320 more words

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