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Gratitude and Appreciation

When we talk about gratitude, there is sometimes a sense of obligation, such as when you are told to “be grateful for all that you have.”  You may have been told to “be grateful for where you were born – there are so many others out there that are not as lucky as you.” 142 more words


Happy Birthday Honey 

No… Honey is not a “partner”, honey is my best friend… my womance partner.

We are the same age, 40 days apart, and we share the same life vibration… 133 more words


Ancient Music

‘Myths in many cultures speak of the universe having been created by way of sound….in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Tibet, India and other centres of learning, knowledge of sound was a highly refined science based upon an understanding of vibration as the primary causative form of the universe.’  607 more words

Wellbeing Corner

Lets talk about Crystals

Believe me, I know the feeling!

You walk into a spiritual store, and you are drawn to that part of the room with baskets and pots and boxes and piles of colourful rocks, pebbles, stones…….. 598 more words


Are you giving your energy away?

Hello again everyone. I have mentioned before, in some of my previous posts, about a book that was introduced to me by a work colleague called the… 1,190 more words


Improvements on the wind generator

Posted by Rønnaug, Sponbay in Norway!

We installed a wind generator a time ago (see Installing the wind generator) and had to do some improvements to reduce vibration and noise. 159 more words


The power of love

A human being cannot imagine not existing. We can imagine our body not being alive, but we simply cannot imagine not existing. Why do you think that is? 946 more words