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What Albert Einstein Said About YOU!

Now in the last post, I told you that your spiritual energy and the energy that science talks about is the same energy.  There is no difference between the energy in physics, chemistry, biology, or even a crystal.   659 more words

Healing Crystals

Lunar Essence in TAURUS

Lunar essence in TAURUS / OCTOBER 2015

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, rose geranium, ginger, vetiver and bergamot oil, almond and coconut oil based solubilizer… 28 more words


SGC is happy to share the following ....Debbie Ruis, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner wants to help you feel better... :)

SGC Admin: The human “being” is fascinating… we have a physical body, which takes us where we need to be and helps us build our physical/material lives… we are an emotional being, this governs how we react and behave…. 249 more words

The Journey Continues - It's in the Air

No…I’m not talking about pollution. Well, on second thought, I guess in a way I am. Actually, it’s a change in vibrations that many are picking up now, albeit on an unconscious level. 1,086 more words


The Journey Continues - Bewildered and Bothered

Something happened the other day that I wasn’t even involved in, but it started a whole train of thought with me that I feel I need to write about. 1,190 more words


Mystic Quartz

Peruvian Mystic Quartz is a stone of magic and healing wisdom. The phantoms in Mystic Quartz help you to channel and unveil hidden knowledge within the Universe. 75 more words

For the Love of Lavender

Lavender is such a calming and soothing aroma. The aromatherapy of Lavender is perfect for calming the heart at the end of a stressful work day or amongst stressful periods of time. 54 more words