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Gaming in October, 1982

Some of the earliest games I remember of playing are present in this issue on the magazine, though I played them about 10 years after their release. 251 more words


In my life I have owned or had the use of:-

Grandstand Games Unit
Commodore Vic20
Commodore 64
Amiga 1200
3 or 4 Windows PCs… 2,086 more words

Creative Writing

3D Maze (VC20, 1984)

Damals in den 1980er Jahren, nachdem ich zum ersten Mal etwas über den Commodore VC 20 (oder VIC 20, wie er in anderen Gegenden der Welt hieß) gehört habe, kam mir dieses Gerät immer wie ein Überbleibsel aus einer fernen Computer-Steinzeit vor. 194 more words


Handmade 8K Static RAM for Commodore VIC 20

Today I spent sometime cleaning up and reorganizing the garage. I accidentally unearthed an old artifacts which brought back many good memories of my early computing years. 140 more words


=$= Commodore VIC-20 - Video Game Console

2013 Top Sellers Commodore VIC-20 – Video Game Console. Actually a assessment of Commodore VIC-20 – Video Game Console is great deal. It is a great product. 992 more words

Video Game

Video game decoration

I went to a meeting held at UKIE’s offices before Christmas. UKIE is the self regulatory body that looks after the video game industry, so I guess it is no surprise to have seen pacman on the walls and a Commodore Vic20 (my first computer) in a cabinet along with other antique computer gaming equipment.


Commodore 64: Back to the future | Page 2 | ZDNet

While growing up Commodore was practically a household name for me. I first had a  VIC 20, then a 64 and by 1987 had a Amiga 500 of my own.   74 more words

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