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Beneath the Cassock- The Vicar of Dibley and Marjon

I have to say, I love British comedy. Long time ago there were Thursdays, when a horrible day at school would be forgotten because of… 364 more words


Our Favourite TV Brides

Our round-up of our favourite movie Brides proved to be a popular post, so we thought, ‘why not do one for TV too?’ and being children of the 80’s, what’s the first TV wedding we think of? 563 more words

Wedding Dress

Richard Armitage's on-screen chemistry with ... astrologically examined.

Watching Richard Armitage’s great performance with Rutina Wesley in Hannibal triggered the stargazer in me. So I searched for compatibility clues in their charts … and while I was at it, also went to look up some other great examples from Richard’s past for a proper comparison – here is what I found – I might add, that astrology never ceases to amaze me: 739 more words


love shared with loss

Over the weekend we lost a family friend. Someone I only really know from my youth, but my parents, aunties and uncles knew her quite well. 253 more words

Can You Remember The Words To "My Favorite Things"?

Test your R&H knowledge, watch a clip from The Vicar of Dibley, and have a giggle at these song parodies. Yes, the hills of WordPress are alive with the sound of music… 550 more words
Sri Chinmoy Disciple Experience

Button Up, Buttercup

I have a theory about how Philadelphia avoided the huge snow dump that was predicted forĀ it last week. This is by no means a sound meteorological theory (You expected sound? 671 more words

Richard Armitage

To craft or not to craft...

“What was the last craft project you attempted”

The word attempted mildly concerned me. I did wonder if this was an act few could succeed in? 507 more words