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No, no, no, no...

If you manage to watch to the end … yes



For a long time the world of comedy was exclusively male. If the status quo was questioned, then the party line was that “women can’t be funny”. 57 more words

Circus 15

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A few more Richard Armitage fan vids to remember

This showed up today in a feed somewhere, and I remembered that I also watched it many times:

And Esther continues her series, this time with… 20 more words

Richard Armitage

The Improv Diaries - part 23 - One Liners

Last week in improv, we focussed on developing stories and characters by action and one liners. We started off the practise like any other, playing a few games to warm up and get used to working with one another which then lead to the first style of development today – storytelling and actions. 561 more words


Naughty or Nice: Two Ways to Approach Characterization

If you know BBC comedies, you probably know about Fawlty Towers and The Vicar of Dibley. They will be serving as examples, so if you don’t know these series, well, there’s your homework. 362 more words

Occasional Ramblings

A Little Thing called Television - Romance in Comedy

I came up with the idea for this blog post about a week ago when I re-watched an episode of The Office (US) where Michael proposes to Holly and forgot how much I loved the way it was done and started to think about other episodes in other television shows in which I have loved the romantic storyline, the way it was edited to create the build up and also the process in to how the couple have come together, been re-concelied or even broken apart. 1,270 more words