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Stream of consciousness brain dump

It’s a little after 11 pm. I’ve been awake since my ex texted me at 7:45 this morning because he was running late getting our daughter to school from his side of town. 997 more words


Secondary (or vicarious) Trauma in Caregivers

Many of my friends are either first responders, medical pro’s, social workers, pastors or family caregivers of some sort. Much is written, and rightfully so, about Post Traumatic Stress but more needs to be said about the same sort of problems with those who care for those who have had psychological, physical or spiritual trauma. 883 more words

Exercise and Clearing the Mind

I was speaking on a panel recently and was asked the question, how I cope with all the darkness in my job.  Right now, I’m doing pretty well.   551 more words


Biblical Meditation

Since I so often post verses on here, I thought I would post this article about meditation. I believe, the way to make those verses most effective is to mediate on them.   333 more words


Breathe deeply!  Taking Care of the Caregiver

~by Judy Szeg, Educator, Office & Volunteer Coordinator, Safeline, Inc.

 “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe                                          deserve your love and affection.”  – Buddha… 551 more words

Self Care

Self care, self-preservation

There is a lot of emphasis placed on self care in the social work community. Self care is the intentional work done to care for oneself.  1,149 more words

Social Work

5 tips to avoid compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue, also known as burnout, can appear in caregivers exposed to suffering on a daily basis. Nurses, care workers, doctors, counsellors are all exposed to compassion fatigue. 441 more words