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How I found out about Vicarious Trauma, by Tanya Wilson

Although I am now a psychotherapist and coach, my first career was as a massage
therapist. It was in this profession as a remedial massage therapist that I first experienced vicarious trauma.  749 more words


Tanya's experience of vicarious trauma 

Tanya and I having an informal chat about her experience with vicarious trauma.


Engaged Spirituality

Hola! Everybody…
You have to stop blaming Trump. If you want an answer to your problems, a solution to your fears, look in the mirror. Trump isn’t possible without you. 1,385 more words

Podcast on Risk of Vicarious Trauma

Storyful recently released a podcast on the risks that come with prolonged and frequent exposure to graphic content. I consider this a crucial—and unfortunately still underreported—challenge in crisis human rights research. 20 more words

Vicarious Trauma

When trauma, anxiety, and depression strike 

A year ago…

A year ago, my husband sent me this picture. It was a Monday morning. It was early. It was his first day back in the States after 18 months in Chad, 3 and ½ weeks in London to get eye treatment, and one week back in Chad to pack our house. 528 more words


Surviving the Job: Understanding and Supporting First Responders

Police and other first responders need to be prepared for any scenario; they see and come into situations that many of us cannot imagine. First responders see people at their worst, most vulnerable and need to take special care of themselves to manage the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the job. 290 more words

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Vicarious Trauma and Human Violence

Multilayered stress is a vexing aspect of modern life for most of us—especially women!  We are physically and psychologically bombarded with stimuli that our grandparents could not have conceived. 231 more words

Being Present