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GTA 6 Wish List! - 5 Things We Want.

After years of exploring the vast open world of San Andreas, we can now put our minds together and create something of pure beauty.

After collaboration with the community from EXG (Extreme Xbox Gamers) we managed to piece together our ideas. 816 more words


Song of the Day: February 16, 2017

XXXTENTACION is making the rounds for his single “Look At Me!” which recently cracked the Billboard Hot 100, but the Florida-based artist first burst on the scene with “Vice City” in early 2014 when he was 17-years old. 156 more words


Grand Theft Auto

The GTA Series is one of the most played and loved series in gaming history. I’ll be reviewing every main console release since Vice City as this was the first one I played. 2,491 more words


Flashback Friday!| Grand Theft Auto

Hi Guys! It’s Jet. I just wanted to quickly pop in here that we have a YouTube channel we’d love for you to check out, we’ve not had it too long but are starting to put content out there. 595 more words


Jukebox: Best Songs from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Flash FM

It doesn’t take much to comprehend why Vice City is universally lauded as one of the GTA franchise’s best: Nothing comes close to its impressive 80’s playlist that adds so much authenticity to the game’s setting. 448 more words

Grand Theft Auto. DMA Design (1997) PlayStation

I have promised myself I won’t buy any more games until I make a significant dent in my backlog, and with the recentish news of Grand Theft Auto: Horse Edition 2 I thought I’d go back and see what started it all. 668 more words


Vice City, personajes. Lucifer: introducción al personaje.

Lucifer (del latín lux “luz” y fero “llevar”: “portador de luz”) es, en la mitología romana, el equivalente griego llamado Fósforo o Eósforo (Έωσφόρος) “el portador de la Aurora”. 

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