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Vice City: introducción

Tal y como dice la leyenda: sólo hay que saber llegar en el momento adecuado, al lugar oportuno.

En esta ocasión, mis experimentos psicosociales me han llevado a introducirme de pleno en el mundo de la hostelería española. 543 more words


A Tale of Three Cities

What draws us to a ‘culture’? There’s probably no universal answer to this. For some it is the people, and the ease, with which they accept us, and we, them, while for others it is the stark contrast, to their previous abode, which the new place has to offer. 578 more words


Verge Drops "Vice City" To Kick Off The Summer {EXCLUSIVE}

Verge fuses real world conflict with a constant flow and street sound on his newest release Vice City. It’s a step away from what fans are used to hearing as he attempts to highlight key points in his lifetime through the V-Day Series. 159 more words


It looks like just about every title in the Grand Theft Auto series for iOS just went on sale. While we have seen most of these drop $1 lower than today’s deals, it is not often we see all of the games, going right back to GTA 3, go on sale at the same time. 261 more words

Flashback Feature: GTA Vice City (2002)

GTA Vice City is, in my opinion, a bit of an oddity in the GTA Franchise, more of a one-off game with a new setting and a whole new theme. 443 more words


Sangue Velho: GTA - The Trilogy

Post originalmente publicado por João Bönecker no blog Armazém Pop.

Se você teve um Playstation 2 (ou estava vivo) entre 2001 e 2004, uma das mais incríveis épocas na história dos vídeo-games, com certeza já jogou, mesmo que em uma visita na casa de algum amigo do colégio, algum dos jogos da trilogia clássica da polêmica franquia “Grand Theft Auto”, ou GTA como é conhecida por todos. 1,617 more words