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VOTE to change my GOAL! Grand Theft Auto Binge Adds Games to my Backlog!

When I was shopping at Walmart, I saw Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for $15. Since I don’t own GTA IV, I thought I would try out these additional stories to see if it’s something I might like to get. 490 more words

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Grand Theft Auto: Sex, Drugs and A Whole Lotta Controversy

Grand Theft Auto is renown for it’s controversy of adult content that it contains within it’s games, and how easily accessible it is for younger people, especially those in pre teen years that can have an effect on their growing up. 472 more words


30DSC Day 11: Favourite song from a video game

Hi everyone!

I’m back for another 30 Day Song Challenge. For those who haven’t been following, I’ve been doing this challenge for a while now – eleven days to be exact (duh) – and I’ve been doing it alongside… 385 more words


Grand Theft Auto Week Starts Now!

Now here’s a nice little surprise Event Week for you guys. We are currently transitioning into phase 2 of the blog and that will include some big changes very soon. 138 more words


How GTA "Continues" To Ruin My Life!

Hello, my name is Karl and I’m GTAlcoholic. It’s a terminal condition, one allegedly benign as long as fomented harassment is averted with permanent intermission. The overture for my prostrated dependency formed from the simple elocution of GTA’s alluring influence, or words to that effect. 624 more words


Thrice Groove 'Vice City'

Shoutout my @Werc_crew Family creating a seriously dope music movement out here in Atlanta. Peep them at http://www.wercatl.com