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Ready Players Podcast Episode 27 - Breaf of Fresh Airb

Coming to you from a piece of controversial fan art, it’s the twenty-seventh episode of the Ready Players Podcast.

This week, Tristan, Kai, Morgan, and Lachlan talk about Gwent, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Amiibos, Knack, Titanfall 2, Fortnite, Telltale Batman, and The Walking Dead. 120 more words


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City V.1.07 MOD APK + DATA

Do you miss this game? It’s time to bring back memories and rule the city!
APK Info :
Name : Grand Theft Auto Vice City… 69 more words


Why GTA's Controversy Makes It So Alluring.

The most significant allure of gaming has always been escapism. The ability to manifest vicariously in a rudimentary world without the repressive boundaries of law and regulations. 1,331 more words


Horizon Zero Dawn: What's that on the Horizon? Wait, what's that in the foreground?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a very beautiful game.  Whether you’re walking through a lush valley, hunting in a desert or scaling a snowy mountain peak, it never fails to impress with abundant detail.   774 more words


GTA 6 Wish List! - 5 Things We Want.

After years of exploring the vast open world of San Andreas, we can now put our minds together and create something of pure beauty.

After collaboration with the community from EXG (Extreme Xbox Gamers) we managed to piece together our ideas. 816 more words


Grand Theft Auto

The GTA Series is one of the most played and loved series in gaming history. I’ll be reviewing every main console release since Vice City as this was the first one I played. 2,491 more words


Vice City da się przejść w 12 minut - jak to możliwe?

Speedruny to fascynująca rzecz. Zjawisko to polega na jak najszybszym ukończeniu gry, pomijając przy tym takie rzeczy jak znajdźki czy misje poboczne. To, co jest w nich jednak najbardziej imponujące, to glitche. 682 more words