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All collages have been sourced from May 2017 edition of VICE Magazine.


Broadcast Finance Reel

In addition to the financial analysis reporting I currently do for Sputnik; the African economic outlook pieces I wrote and copy-edited for The African Business Magazine; 384 more words

Nima Green

IRON REAGAN Share Full Album Stream of 'Crossover Ministry' via Noisey/Pittsburgh March 3 @Spirit

IRON REAGAN Share Full Album Stream of ‘Crossover Ministry’ via Noisey

Crossover Ministry is due out February 3rd, 2017 on Relapse Records

“Iron Reagan play a revved-up take on the ‘80s crossover sound, the one where… 506 more words


Linda Schuyler Talks With VICE About Degrassi: Next Class' Abortion Episode

VICE recently interviewed Linda Schuyler about the abortion episode in Degrassi: Next Class Season 3, #IRegretNothing. Degrassi has now tackled abortion four times in the history of the show, and Lola’s abortion is the first time they’ve been able to tell this story without restrictions from broadcasters. 200 more words


The Special Ops Olympics

As interesting as South America’s cooperative games are, the Annual Warrior Competition in Jordan may be more interesting. The Chinese have done particularly well, though US and Russian participation have been inconsistent due to their preoccupation with war duties elsewhere in the global theatre.

Martial Commentary

Exploring the Arctic's Global Seed Vault

Located in the arctic circle, The Global Seed Vault isn’t simply just a large storage facility for seeds from around the world. The vault is protecting the world’s agricultural genetic diversity and protecting our future food supply in case of catastrophe. 32 more words