The End Of The Beginning

My sister Melanie told me recently that I hadn’t finished the last blog. And she was right; I hadn’t. My time in Prague ended and I stopped writing. 235 more words

IN CONVERSATION: VICE Founder Gavin McInnes Breaks Down Everything Wrong with Millennial Culture

Gavin McInnes is a writer, actor, comedian, and entrepreneur, best known for having been the creative brain behind VICE from 1994 to 2007He has been known to polarize and offend, but more importantly, do so while being fucking hilarious. 1,936 more words


Feedback To The Future

It was bleak again this morning. No rain but cold and dark, and certainly no sign of snow. I am seriously getting bored of the morning commute. 550 more words

No News Is Good News. Or Bad News.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up countless times during the night and so was shattered this morning. I could’ve stayed in bed too. 413 more words

Bomb Appetit

It was like autumn again today. The sun was shining as the British bombs rained down on Syria. I didn’t feel too rough either, quite surprisingly too, as I had a fair few beers last night. 425 more words

Snow There's Not

It snowed today. It snowed from when I woke up to at least when I got back from lunch. It was rubbish snow though. There was hardly any falling at all. 308 more words