Snow There's Not

It snowed today. It snowed from when I woke up to at least when I got back from lunch. It was rubbish snow though. There was hardly any falling at all. 308 more words

Is 60 too old to be a model?

Meet Yazemeenah Rossi. She’s 60 years old with two grandchildren and by the way she also models. 589 more words


Viceland Cable TV Channel to Debut in place of H2

One of the strangest media success stories in recent years has been Vice. What began as a sex, drugs, and punk rock magazine in Montreal grew first into a hip, trendsetting international magazine, then, strangely enough, an outlet for serious journalism through first online video and then an HBO television show featuring reporters going where no others dared. 244 more words


What's happening to the climate: Vice magazine visited Pemberton this summer, to ask smart locals that very question

This is the time of the year where we start thinking a lot about weather… whether the systems will align and deliver a banner snow year, or whether we’re going to be riding bikes all winter long. 460 more words


America's First Water Sommelier Drinks Icebergs

Published on vice.com, November 19, 2013

I think tap water tastes like shit. I drink a lot of bottled water. But the first time I heard about Martin Riese—the German restaurant professional dubbed the “water sommelier”—I wanted to break something. 919 more words

Joe Ricchio