LFW: I Took A Picture Of Someone Dressed Like An Idiot

I took some pictures of this girl at LFW last year, her look caught my eye, and even though it’s not my style I admired her bravery. 143 more words

Wear Me

A Great David Sedaris Interview

I realize that this website is one post short of being a David Sedaris fanblog, but I came across this article today from Vice: “David Sedaris Talks About Surviving the Suicide of a Sibling,” 62 more words


Trying To Comfort The Musically Afflicted and Afflict The Musically Comfortable

In this post I’ll try and tell you all (hi Mum!) what I’ll be tackling in my blog posts. The focus will be centered around new music. 191 more words

Heavy Metal Is Rubbish


Client: Vice Magazine
Stylist: Aldene Johnson
Photographer’s Assistant: Hayley Brown
Stylist’s Assistant: Holly Barnes
Makeup: Martina Luisetti
Hair: Mitsuka Enokida and Suzie Love
Set Design: Sophie Eleanor Turner… 13 more words


Modern Primatives

Client: Vice Magazine
Stylist: Sam Volters
Hair and Head Pieces: Tomihiro Kono @ Balcony Jump
Make up: Martina Luisetti @ MAC
Stylist’s assistants: Emmanuel Balogun, Derek Martin. 32 more words


High Desert 

Never been kissed. Never had a cigarette. Never had a sip oh alcohol or any drugs. I was 13 and would have been graduating the 7th grade if I wasn’t pulled and put into a private school in Santa Fe, NM. 698 more words


Hitting it Big

so, like, last year, or last year and a bit, i sent some of my photos to this address in a vice magazine. turns out one of my photos was published! 17 more words