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Vice Media Under Pressure: New Backers Bring New Challenges

“Are you getting high?” asks a marijuana entrepreneur’s mother in his new TV series “Weediquette,” fearing he will be caught smoking on screen. It’s a sly joke, considering how much pot consumption is crammed into seemingly every minute of the show produced by Vice Media, which will program the series as part of a newly branded cable channel the heavily hyped upstart co-owns with one of its investors, A+E Networks. 2,848 more words



Last night I was scrolling on my Facebook newsfeed and I came across this interview on Vice Magazine written by Claire Evans called “Inside the Surreal, Self-Invented World of Pamela Anderson”  702 more words


It’s hard to stay calm when there’s a storm brewing. That moment in time where you wish it could last forever because you know once that period of calm is over, the stress levels will rise and it feels like your head is in a vice with the crank turning and the pressure growing. 27 more words



Exactly two weeks after dropping 1080p, I never would’ve imagined I’d be making an appearance on the wildly popular music blog Noisey. And yet, yesterday my photo was the featured image for a Noisey piece about the Ithaca music scene entitled “Ithaca, New York’s Eclectic, All-Ages DIY Scene Should Make the Rest of the Country Jealous.” The write-up, authored by fellow Cornellian Dylan Farrell, does an excellent job of highlighting the rather remarkable DIY music scene that has emerged in Ithaca over the past few years (many of you have probably heard me talk about… 72 more words


exactly how I got to write for Vice Magazine

Many of my writer friends have asked this question, and since this blog is dedicated towards helping my fellow humans out, I’m disclosing it.

Here’s how I got to publish… 1,623 more words

Review! (Urban Decay's XX Vice Limited Edition Reloaded!)

Hello all! I have another makeup review for you! Another Urban Decay Vice palette!

Just last weakened my mother and I received the new issue of Ulta Beauty’s monthly catalog! 487 more words