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Link: The dualism of transgenderism


Dualism fails because it is, at present, unfalsifiable.
Then again, so too is consciousness. If you treat the ephemeral spirit of dualism as consciousness, the theories are practically indistinguishable. 316 more words


Gender-accepted Occupations and the Women That Defy Them

Looking at media in foreign nations, where freedom for women and their occupational decisions are much more limited, it’s become commonplace for local media outlets to openly condemn these women for stepping out of traditional roles. 540 more words

Vice Partners with ESPN to Produce Sports Content

One of the fastest-emerging media companies out there is partnering with the biggest sports media company on the planet today.

As reported by Agence France-Presse, Vice Media has come to an agreement with ESPN to produce short-form content about sports and athletes for the Disney-owned network and their own network called Viceland. 119 more words


the beauty of brasil

ever since i was a kid, brasil has been my favorite. not just one of my favorite countries, but my favorite thing. mabye it’s the food, maybe its the language, maybe it’s the people (girls). 185 more words


The Virtue of Vice Media

As graying higher-ups of legacy news outlets scratch their heads over how to attract younger audiences, Vice Media is—as the millennials say— “killing it,” meaning that they are doing something right.

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Kalyn Sisco

Celebrity Social Media Accounts: When does a Repost Infringe Copyright?

For almost a decade, the rise in popularity of social media platforms has created new methods for organizations, brands and celebrities to target their audience. Whether through promotional tweets, posts on Instagram, or Periscope shopping excursions, there are countless ways to engage with millions of individuals around the world. 524 more words


Last Week This Morning: A Big Cup of Sustenance

You can do it. You can get through the week. I know it’s only Tuesday, but most of the time, we’re just complaining about the work week because there’s nothing else to talk about. 186 more words