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Chance the Rapper's Short Film 'Mr. Happy'

Partnering with Vice, the young Chicago rapper stars in a new short film titled Mr. Happy.  49 more words

Chance The Rapper

Now If I Was A Betting Man

Fortunately for me I’m not. It looks very enticing at times in that somebody has to win but invariably there has to be a lot of losers as well for there to be a big winner. 52 more words


VICE Esports Documentary

Recently I’ve been watching a few League of Legends streamers on Twitch, finding it an entertaining way to take a break between doing coursework. Whilst watching the streamer Cowsep ( 411 more words


"In theory"

We Asked an Aviation Psychiatry Expert Why Pilots Might Have Psychotic Breaks (what a headline!):

Why might this have happened when it did?
Psychiatric conditions tend to be age-related.

105 more words

Let me introduce you to M. Bootyspoon

I recently started writing for THUMP- the electronic music and culture channel of VICE Media.

If you’re interested…¬†check out my first article I wrote on M. 61 more words


Grace Gundrum Is a 12-Year-Old Grappling Prodigy Who Can Kick Your Ass | VICE | United States

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, sits in a small strip mall next to a sandwich shop. It’s a one-room gym lit with fluorescent lights and there’s a box of sweaty gloves that you can borrow for kick boxing. 62 more words