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Slaying the Dragons of the Seven Vices

As I walk along the road of life, I feel like I am being drowned in the nothingness of the world. Fads and money cloud our minds, the aroma of lust seduces us into vice. 435 more words


"Gamers Have Lower Sex Drives Than Other Men, Study Finds"

I sometimes read the articles on VICE. They can be quite interesting and they know how to get the attention of people like me, who are immediately attracted to anything out of the ordinary/shocking/thought-provoking and that will transport you to an alternative world, that’s their thing. 318 more words


Forcibly Inflammatory

The downward spiral of online media.

*I’m being passionate about the following topic, some claim this to be clickbait/inflammation and therefore ironic. It’s not, I’m not condemning passionate writing in this post, i’m condemning ‘news’ outlets misleading the public with inflammatory articles* 677 more words


Il 27 a Roma prima presentazione del libro Sahara, "deserto di mafie e jihad" con vice ministro Giro

Al Centro Studi americani di Roma sarà presentato il libro che svela i legami tra le mafie e il jihad nel Sahara


Italia Tua

Sunday makeup routine !!

Makeup routine

Maybeline fit me foundation – 322

Provides great coverage for my skin type. Not oily or too Matte and dry. I use my sponge to blend it in. 341 more words


Have a Vice? Maybe a Little "Flip" is All You Need

Each of us has a vice, most of us have several, some have many. These vices vary in their strength from annoying habits to full-blown addictions. 960 more words