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What Good Is a Major Record Label Now?

 “The people I worked with got laid off one by one so the whole system got completely replaced—new President, new A&R, new marketing, new everything. Suddenly there were all these new people who had no idea who I was.

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Sea Dance's Founders are Harnessing the Power of Rave to Prevent Another Balkan War

In England, all we really ask of a festival is that it gives us somewhere to get fucked, dance like twats with our mates and enjoy a few days escape from confronting the essential futility of all human endeavour. 183 more words


The Onion Is Releasing a Web Series Spoofing VICE's Pairing of Conflict Coverage and Youth Culture

Nothing, regardless of how obscure or unexpected, is safe from falling into the funhouse mirror of being Onion-ized.  Today alone, topics ranging from… 279 more words


Couples That Drink Together, Stay Together. Because Science!

Now we aren’t telling you to drink or smoke. If you don’t do either, please don’t start. And if you do drink or smoke, please don’t continue anything you’re trying to stop on account of these stats. 156 more words


Filme da semana: A Máquina

Gênero: Ação / Suspense / Ficção-científica
Elenco: Bruce Willis, Ambyr Childers, Thomas Jane e Bryan Greenberg.

Julian Michaels ( interpretado por Bruce Willis) é um consagrado designer e projetista cuja obra maior é Vice, um resort onde as pessoas podem fazer absolutamente tudo o que desejar, sem se ater a leis ou regras, já que apenas convive com robôs travestidos de humanos. 103 more words