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Hanging Your Jewels

Many of us puzzle over, how can we attract more butterflies to our own garden? We are determined to achieve this goal, and it is so encouraging nowadays, that most of us head straight to . 300 more words

Butterfly Locations

Those Southern Viceroys

Our Viceroy butterflies here in Pennsylvania (8 hours west of New York City) are beautiful, elusive butterflies. We don’t see too many of them, they are now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t, and they are only found when 2 conditions are found together, wetlands and willow trees/bushes. 256 more words

Butterfly Types

Solange Style: Are Juxtaposition Photos the New Thing

What happens when you get a group of friends staggering about in random fabrics and prints in one big photo? Chic happens, that’s what. This type of posing is a blend between Sex and the city marriage scene (notice the hard contrast) and Solange’s famous wedding photo (regarding their poses) very spacey, but yet uniform. 48 more words

Yum Yum

I wrote this blog earlier and didn’t get it posted. I’d rather post it now instead of waiting until next summer.

This is one of my favorite times of the year, when the fruit rots when I put it out for the butterflies. 117 more words



There is quite some tension prevailing between India and Pakistan. Current situation is formed by a series of unfortunate events. In this post we try to trace current state of  relations between the two countries to their colonial past. 5,685 more words

The hotel loyalty program 'DISCOVERY' explained

Friday newsletters always feature luxury travel conteststipsseries, or news.

Today (September 16, 2016): Travel Series: the hotel loyalty program ‘DISCOVERY’ explained. 1,417 more words