Goautodial V.3 installation and configuration with Digium PRI telephonic card.

Goautodial V.3 Installation and Configuration

This document helps to install and configure Goautodial V3 call center suite with
Digium PRI telephonic cards for dialing and receiving calls. 1,363 more words


Vicidial Integration

New Vicidial User Interface. Project Commenced  July 2013.

28% Completed. Forecast Completion Date 23rd September.

Our latest project is a really exciting one as it seems there is a broad requirement for this. 1,318 more words


Enable downloading Recording files in vicidial/goautodial/vicidialnow

Vicidial Recording File extraction:

It is recommended to free your disk space you remove the recordings from your vicidialnow/goautodial.

usually the file is located at… 125 more words


Repairing Database for Goautodial / vicidial

Repairing Database for Goautodial/vicidial

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

then you need to enter password : vicidialnow

works on all mysql installations (it’s a mysql command, not a vicidial command). 54 more words


Freeing up memory in vicidialnow

Freeing up memory in vicidialnow.

If you are running your vicidial server for continuously and you top command shows you are running low on memory? 67 more words


Vicidialnow "your session has been disabled"

Vicidialnow “your session has been disabled”.

“Your session has been disabled” error in vicidialnow & Goautodial run this command :-

mysqlcheck -u cron -p -A –auto-repair… 41 more words