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Acqua o vino? Calice o bicchiere? Sesso o amore?

La domanda è sempre la stessa, immutabile da Aristotele che lo definiva motore immobile a Freud che ne parlava come l’elemento capace di influenzare l’intero sviluppo psico-emotivo dell’individuo a Venditti che canta senza remore l’inesistenza assoluta del sesso privo d’amore. 598 more words


Ruby Azrak Teams Up With NFL QB Micheal Vick

Ruby Azrak, celebrity clothing-line mogul and CEO Of lifeguard licenses has partnered with New York Jet’s Quarterback Micheal Vick to launch a sports clothing line to be sold exclusively at Modell’s Sporting Goods… 170 more words


So I have this theory about names. It seems to me that the names we’re given as children (and I’m not talking about the mean names we got called in school, I talking about our legitimate, birth-certificate names) have a lot of weight in our lives. 387 more words

Judith goes for the throat

The throat of an opera singer, that is.

You may recall that Tyson Vick has been here before in Judith finds her voice (Nov 2011).  His blog chronicles his photography that illustrates the operas of Mozart as well as his learning about textiles, historical costuming, wig styling, millinery, and photoshop techniques in the process.   309 more words


Interpreting the Mt Polley Report

The web says the report from Morgenstern, Vick, and Van Zyl (MVV) on Mt Polley will be release on Saturday.  Apparently the report goes to the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the affected First Nations on Friday.  604 more words

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The Basics

Hi there…

My name is Vicky, but I prefer Vick.

I started rowing when I was 17 years old at a small local club. I am a lightweight and I currently compete in the u23 category. 146 more words


Goodbye, Gracie

In 2007, authorities discovered 50-some dogs on a property belonging to NFL player, Michael Vick, as part of an investigation into a dogfighting ring. Up to that point, most of the dogs found in such investigations were simply deemed too dangerous to be rehabilitated and were euthanized. 98 more words