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The Come Up

Three of my brothers from another mother have a podcast called “The Come Up”, where they talk about relevant topics to our everyday lives. I was asked to be on the recent episode. 84 more words


Leave Vick Alone

It has been 8 years since Michael Vick has went to jail (yes 8 years already), and some people are still trying to backlash his occupation. 531 more words


Michael Vick Did A Bad Thing

Michael Vick hurt dogs. Michael Vick tortured dogs. Michael Vick drowned dogs. Michael Vick murdered dogs. Michael Vick did some of the most horrible, unspeakable things… 559 more words

Pittsburgh Steelers Answer the Age-Old Question: Just Who IS the Asshole Whisperer?

The Pittsburgh Steelers just announced that they have signed Vick to a one-year deal, and I’m so thankful to finally have one burning question answered: 402 more words

Dog Activist who Bought Vick's Dogfighting Compound Celebrates Lawsuit Settlement with Purchase of Toilet Paper and other "Supercool Stuff"

Virginia – August 18, 2015 – Tamira Thayne, dog activist and founder of the anti-chaining organization Dogs Deserve Better, is glad to finally put her Surry County nightmare behind her. 1,548 more words

Vick To The Jet's

now that Geno Smith has a broken jaw thank’s to a hot headed team mate or should I say x team mate,will the Jet’s sign Mike Vick?