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Lightning flashed, illuminating the darkened room, followed by a boom of thunder that shook the window panes. 1,158 more words

Dystopia Rising

Daniel Vick, who "had accumulated quite a nice lot of property," dies.

News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), 12 February 1908.


Daniel Vick and Fannie Blount registered their six-year cohabitation in Wilson County on August 31, 1866. 301 more words

City Of Wilson

The Great Christmas Fire of 1868.

From Hugh B. Johnston Jr., “Early Wilson Fires Recalled,” Wilson Daily Times, 2 July 1976.

Daniel Vick was about 24 years old when he saved George W. 7 more words

City Of Wilson

Vick sesquicentennial marker.

This commemorative handout was prepared to mark Wilson County Historical Association’s dedication of the Samuel H. Vick historical marker in 2013, 150 years after his birth.

City Of Wilson

Doctor Drop

Everything after Flood drank the over-sweet tea and smiled at her was a blur. 900 more words

Dystopia Rising

Losing My Mind #2

Here’s the next part of my story:

“…And we have the original sojourners to thank for our better and improved lives we all now lead.” 888 more words


Losing My Mind #1

This is a dystopia that I had to write for my English  class. Truthfully, I didn’t really enjoy writing it, but my teacher liked it, so I had to have done it right. 560 more words