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'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' 2008

Vicky and Cristina, these two young Americans spend a summer in Spain and meet a flamboyant artist and his beautiful but insane ex-wife. Vicky is straight-laced and about to be married. 84 more words


Vicky Cristina Barcelona [subtitled in part]

OK, confession time. I had heard of this movie for years, but knew almost nothing about it beyond that it was a Woody Allen movie, that it had garnered reasonably positive reviews (in the top half of the movies of the latter stage of his career at least), and that Goddess Scarlett Johansson was in it. 3,437 more words


Jared Leto Sells Aftershave

Jared Leto is no stranger to advertising aftershave, but now he has upgraded from high street to designer, if you will. It is basically Jared Leto  looking a bit too skinny and the director wishing he could direct some really arthouse European film but is stuck doing commercials. 457 more words


Pakistani Cinema, Cities and Woody Allen

A few months ago, there was a clamour within the Pakistani film fraternity to choose an appropriate term to address the cinema. While some wanted to use the word Lollywood, others thought it was best to keep calling it the Pakistani film industry. 978 more words


Happy Birthday - Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall (3 May 1982 -)

With her tall, slim frame and features that can appear both angled and smooth, Rebecca Hall – daughter of renowned English theatre director Sir Peter Hall – has made a career out of playing strong-willed yet vulnerable women, and in a variety of genres. 763 more words


Old But Gold: Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

I know that a movie from 2008 wouldn’t normally be considered old but soooo many great movies have been released since 2008, so Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona… 318 more words



I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan (blasphemy in some circles), but occasionally he has moments of brilliance. For example, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I can appreciate the art, without having to like the Artist.

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