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Vicky Cristina Barcelona vs. Wiki Kristina Barcelona

So as I am sure some of you are aware there is a Woody Allen film titled, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I’d been told by a couple people I should watch this movie because my name is Kristina and I’m studying in Barcelona. 372 more words

Woody Allen Gets a Museum (In Europe, of Course)

A museum dedicated to the life and works of controversial filmmaker Woody Allen is being planned for Barcelona, Spain.

The director filmed his 2008 film, 152 more words

Woody Allen

I Am Not Gifted

Today wasn’t a great day. I hate coming back to my blog because I’m feeling sad, but I suppose I turn to writing when I’m feeling my lowest. 579 more words

Oviedo as in Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I am not a big Woody Allen fan and this is not the best film he ever made. What I want to say is that it was quite interesting to follow the footsteps of something you have seen before. 313 more words


The Many Moods of Movie and Video Game Music: Part 5

Everyone knows you can massage your mood with the right choice of music. Feeling down in the dumps? Listen to your favourite ‘up’ track. Need to concentrate? 963 more words

Thoughts On Soundtracks

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

For the entire month of March, this blog will celebrate WOMEN.

I am hosting a series of posts in the blog with titles following this format, inspired by the Woody Allen film title. 560 more words

WP Women

Into The Wild (2007): Why is it the Ultimate Solo Travel Film?

This post contains a serious amount of spoilers… You were warned…

Also, I’m warning you now that for those of you that know me as a so-called “film academic” should know that this post is strictly in the “film fan” territory as I may start ranting with no structure, form or care in the world! 934 more words