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VISIT MY PAGE: Litrato ni Bikya <–click this link. thanks. 1 Like means a lot to me.

So guys I’ve been mentioning here about my FB PAGE for my Photography, and earlier this night I was so bored and actually put on a make up and did what we call self-portrait. 43 more words

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My FB PAGE reached its 700+ likes.

Guys if you like photography especially portrait photography you can look at my work and please feel free to like the page.

Litrato Ni Bikya… 13 more words

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To all the people out there. HI!

As all my followers know, this past few days I’ve been trying to photographed people or anything that is interesting for me. I now have a few collections in my flickr account. 18 more words

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CSS representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU

these are the pictures I took yesterday of our representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU. I’ve been having second thoughts of posting it here because I’m lazy but now I’m awake and had a good night sleep. 8 more words

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Do cats really have 9 lives?

my first time taking pictures of animals. The 2 cat belongs to my friend kelly, actually there are more but I just randomly took this picture.

Victoria Tusing

saturDATE with My Sister.

The first picture is me taken by my sister and the last 3 pictures is my sister and ofcourse taken by me. I really love the effect of the sunset. 73 more words

Victoria Tusing


I’ve been thinking about transferring all my blogs here on tumblr, I’m having second thoughts because it will take a whole lot of time, and I don’t have that kind of time to waste. 82 more words

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