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How Artists Starve, Part 2: Lessons to Draw From Ongoing Drama

The previous post has become unexpectedly popular. Issues addressed there are ongoing.

As in that post, the privacy of all involved is preserved here. No personally identifying details are included here or anywhere else. 1,841 more words

oh, what are you waiting for? be fearless.

I have been on the pursuit to live fearlessly for the last year. And while I feel as though I have almost achieved this new lifestyle, one aspect has been holding me back. 915 more words

Eradicating victim blaming in Singapore one step at a time

How being conscientious bystanders can help us erode our victim-blaming culture one step at a time

By Lynn Chia

In late September last year, a judge presiding over a widely reported rape trial took the unusual step of criticising netizens for comments they made about a rape victim which have caused her distress. 1,577 more words

Gender & Civil Rights

Victim-Blaming and the Latest #MeToo

I have a really personal beef with some things going on in the world of entertainment and #MeToo right now.  I’m seeing a lot of victim-blaming going around, and if I can I’d like to clear up just why exactly I feel that way. 1,082 more words

The knife in my bag

I am toying with the knife that sits at the bottom of my bag. A pocket knife. I carry it everywhere with me these days. 793 more words


It Must Be the Fault of the Pedestrian

By Dom Nozzi

October 7, 2017

A century ago, as Peter Norton points out in his book Fighting Traffic, nearly all of us would blame a motorist in a crash that injured or killed a pedestrian or bicyclist. 220 more words




Verb:  to cause (a person or group) to feel hurt, angry, or upset by something said or done

I’ve been thinking about the word offend quite a bit over the last few years. 668 more words