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Saturday, Sunday

Thrifting, antiques, oddities,

things which bring happiness

reciting my thesis to my mother

who is suspicious

as to why I am overcompensating.

The excursion ends, I am in my bed, 134 more words

Darling next time

Oh next time you do it, I swear.

I won’t have to hint at playing

The victim.

Darling next time

Oh next time you do it, I swear. 52 more words


When Things Fall Apart

By Judy Berman

I’m puzzled at times why some things go awry. I question what I could I have done differently.

There are times when we all feel stuck, when a job or a relationship is going south. 381 more words


The victim of her own mind

She was 5 when a PT teacher at her preschool came near her, pulled her cheeks saying how cute she was and slowly started touching her in places she did not like. 1,284 more words

Help keep flood victim afloat

Dan has lost his whole world.

The 30-year-old, who has an intellectual disability, lived independently at his Newtown home for more than 10 years.

On the day of the severe flash flood, the Newton resident had returned from Warrnambool mid-afternoon after visiting family over the long weekend. 21 more words


– Harvey Fierstein

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”


I've battled Depression for 19 years, I don't even have Depression!

I’ve been battling Depression for nineteen years, I have never had Depression. I don’t understand Depression, I don’t understand the feeling of thinking things are so bad at one moment in your life that you want to take your life or harm yourself! 517 more words