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#MeToo Sheds Light On Sexual Assault Victims

To be completely honest, as a boy growing up, I had no idea that so many women had experienced sexual assault, rape or intimidation. I thought that it was only a select few or celebrities that were “in that life.” Now, I’d be surprised if I could find a single one who hadn’t. 494 more words


The Day #MeToo Arrived

I’ve been commenting, reading, thinking, remembering, trying to forget, offering ideas, support, thinking, thinking and thinking. Life is a crazy jumble of things both good and bad, and current thing is one that I feel I have to get a handle on, so I can reach out and take a strong hold on myself, and my own story. 299 more words

Male Rape: Help is all around you

Gaining knowledge is always the first step to helping yourself or others around you that have possibly experienced the trauma of sexual violence. It is important for male victims to know that there is always help and established communities to make your road to recovery that much easier. 342 more words

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Me too?

“Me too.”

Oh, you know what I mean. From just those two little words, I’m sure you know what this blog is about. You’ve seen the Facebook statuses.

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Male Rape: People you wouldn't think were victims of sexual violence

Male rape and sexual violence is more prevalent than you think, however, something that would make this issue easier to tackle is by encouraging victims to speak up about their experiences. 403 more words

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I would love to live in a world where instead of victims having to proclaim #metoo, abusers could finally lay down their sword and admit: #itwasme. 455 more words

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This Monday, the phrase “Me, too” cropped up all over social media. But what did this mean? Well, these were the confessions of sexual assault victims. 566 more words