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Scams, scams and more scams

I received two more scams today by email.  The first one was from someone claiming to be “checking my Netflix account”  They (in broken English and poor spelling) wanted me to click on a link to verify my account information with a threat that my family’s access to Netflix would be cut off if I did not follow the instructions. 506 more words



Do you live in the UK?

Are you an adult survivor of child sexual abuse?

Please get in touch if you don’t mind having a chat with me about your experiences of support for survivors in this country, what organisations have helped you, (if any) and what you think would make it easier to be a adult survivor in the UK. 12 more words

Mental Health

He wanted to get a hold onto something that could have killed him.


5 Things I Learned (the Hard Way) About Bullying

In one of my past management jobs, I was bullied every day. One particular co-manager took pleasure in making my life torturous. At work, when nobody else was in our section, he would kick the partition between our offices over and over, and yell curses at me. 762 more words

Academic Advising

Godfrey Ragsdale Jr. And The Jamestown Massacre

My 8th great-grandfather was born in Virginia Colony in 1643.  His parents were both killed in the Jamestown Massacre when he was an infant.

Godfrey Ragsdale I was the first generation emigrant to America. 486 more words


Daily Prompt Poetry: Victim

It’s been a while since I posted poetry and I’m not sure it’s good but you’ll be the judges of that I guess :).  This piece is inspired by the daily prompt word: … 170 more words


How To Make Your Own Natural Antibiotic

This winter you will probably be a victim of a poor immune system, flu or cold, so we suggest you try this helpful solution and make your own natural antibiotic! 43 more words