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I’m going to be discussing a sensitive topic today, so I just want to give a big trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

I want to start off with some terrifying figures. 352 more words

Feminism And Gender

The Rat Torture

A cheap and effective way to torture someone was with the use of rats. There were many variants, but the most common was to force a rat through a victim’s body (usually the intestines) as a way to escape. 72 more words



As its name implies, this method consists of exposing a victim to the elements. The victim could be buried up to his neck letting any animals, insects or other people kill him slowly. 82 more words


Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle, also known as the Judas chair and the Guided Cradle was a torture device. In Italian it is the culla di Giuda; in German the Judaswiege; and in French the la veille. 60 more words



Taken In The Jewish Museum, Berlin Germany

How bullies can make you feel better about yourself

Crazy, I know.

But crappy people can actually make you feel better about yourself. It’s just looking at them differently. Rather then seeing them as an attacker, someone who is trying to get you down or hurt you in some way. 249 more words


Nebraska School’s ‘Ludicrous’ Advice for Bullying Victims Sparks Parent Outrage — Read the 9 Rules Here

Source: The Blaze, by Jason Howerton, Apr. 16, 2014

Fifth grade students at Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Neb., were recently sent home with a “flyer” outlining how they should handle bullies. 114 more words

Dumbing Us Down