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5 suspected ‘one-chance’ robbers who killed their victim with hammer arrested in Abuja (photo)

– An Abuja armed robbery gang killed a victim in an attempt to rob him inside a taxi

– The victim was reportedly attacked on his way from Abuja to Suleja, Niger state on May 27, 2018… 617 more words

Daily News

No is a complete sentence.

“No” is a complete sentence.  Anything else either clarifies or amplifies your message.  In terms of self defense, anyone who won’t take “no” for an answer likely doesn’t have… 225 more words

Self Defense



I want to address the charismatic culture’s reaction to people who have opened up about being victimized in their lifetimes. 80-90% of the responses I have witnessed from Charismatic Christians are a heartless correction of ‘Don’t be a victim.’ 777 more words

Let the Gun Haters Hate (haters gonna hate!)- (LINK)

06/18/2018 / By Jayson Veley

Pistol-packing mom protects schoolchildren from armed robbery by shooting assailant… GUNS SAVE LIVES

What about the police? Well, they would have been called and maybe they would have caught the guy…maybe. 513 more words

Moral Reads

The 11th Commandment | Above all, be not a bystander.

Dear Bystander,

You’ve been trying to convince yourself you didn’t play a role in this…and you were almost convinced. You felt like it was wrong, yet, you stood there, agreed, and did what was asked of you.

786 more words

The Author (Episode 37)

The Author was pleasantly surprised to see that the two vehicles stopped in front of the Terminus hotel and the men alighted from the vehicles and entered the hotel. 957 more words


The Rules of Non-Engagement

I’ve said over and over again that contact with a narcissist equals pain.  This pain comes because most victims truly never heal completely which is very hard to accomplish.  670 more words