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Scapegoating Columbus...

Don’t read merely the main article  in this  link — read all of them to grasp that the attack on Columbus is in reality an attack on the virtues of Western civilization.    77 more words


Joaquin will win the Oscar for Best Male Performance, next February. No doubt about it. Unless I see a better contender in the coming months, this is what I take away from Todd Phillips’ … 770 more words


People are programming each other into a victimhood mindset!


Something to think about here as reading this should really make you really reflect on the question of who owns your mind. You or others around you? 1,652 more words


‘Stop Hiding The Truth’

This is what racist propaganda looks like. Here we have APTN doing an in-depth feature on the high number of aboriginal murder victims in Winnipeg while failing to even comment on WHO IS DOING THE KILLING! 517 more words

Aboriginal Narrative

Is It Bad to Wish Pain on Our Abusers?

I used to be concerned with being spiritual back in 2014 when I started dipping my feet into popular spirituality, but over the last few years, my main concern is centered on being authentic. 1,096 more words

Dispelling Cultural Cliches And Myths

'Drowning in whiteness'

Not to mention self-pitying victimhood

Roll over Beethoven, Lincoln, and Einstein

One of our current Madison school board members is promoting an essay to further her indictment that… 678 more words

Identity Politics